11th February updates from Southern Cameroon

Photo -11th february santa grand stand
Early reports Santa, Buea, Victoria, Kumba and Mamfe ,Nkambe,Ndop,akwaya say not even a single soul on the roads as West Cameroon a national day of mourning this 11 th February,2017.Everywhere is silent.
There are also reports of Military trucks everywhere ready to arrest given the population of the NorthWest and Southwest regions more reasons they have to.stay at home.
Anglophone Parents feel comfortable with the decision of the Anglophone movement that children must not go to school because they want a pure cleaning of the entire system and The civil resistance so far is real.

In Pamol Lobe,three vehicles stationed infront of the mill to transport workers have been there since morning empty. All workers like students and pupils are at home.

Meanwhile in Akwaya things turn violent.The grandstand has been burnt down because the DO paid some people who were to provoke the struggle by atempting to march but failed.
In Nkambe reports says Only soldiers are at Grand Stand, not even RDPC or PRRSBY answered present.

The Royal areas and villages are respecting the 11 Feb boycott better than towns and instead of trying to know how West Cameroon is celebrating this 11th February,2017 ,Anglophones are more interested in the Consortium chair Tassang Wilfred said yesterday in his adress to the people of West Cameroon.

The Consortium legitimate in a.video message said the movement has now shift its fucos to restoring the independence of Southern Cameroon from their previous stands of Federation.

This new stand by consortium which falls inline with the SCNC,SCYL,MORiSC, SCAPO,AGC and the.grassroots comes at a time when observers have adviced for United front to fight the West Cameroin struggle.11th february celebrations is now a taboo in Southern Cameroons.
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By Hillamn Muntang.

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