Cameroon: Fons To Confront Biya Over Anglophone Problem

Paul Biya

Some 40 Fons have resolved to meet President Biya to find a lasting solution to the problems presented to him by the striking teachers and lawyers.

The Fons took the decision at a meeting they held recently at Bamunka, Ndop, Ngoketunjia Division.

The President General of the Northwest Fons Union, NOWEFU, Senator Fon Teche Njei II, told the press that they are aware of the Anglophone problems.

“We live with them in the same society and we can’t be indifferent to their plight. We don’t think you can solve a problem by creating another, burning of roads, vehicles, houses, etc. But before we get to Biya at his soonest for his audience, let our children go back to school. We cannot compromise the future of our children. We equally believe and standby our ancestors, Cameroon is one and indivisible,” Senator Teche Njie noted.

The Senator said he will convene NOWEFU General Assembly which would include elites and opinion leaders to examine issues plaguing Anglophones.

The SDO for Ngoketunjia, Kwela Valerie, described the Fons’ meeting of February 7 as historical and promised to faithfully transmit the message to Biya.


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