paulbiya_je_le_jure_pThe Daily L’ Economics of May 24th , 2016 reveals that on 9th of May this year, The Economist Intelligence Unit, a British intelligence firm, released a report about the political and economic situation in Cameroon. In that report, it states that Cameroon will hold  presidential and parliamentary elections in 2018.

In this regard the firm wrote “our central forecast is that Biya will not defend another seven-year term; He will be 85 years old then ,and would have been 36 years at the helm. ”
In the same report, the firm states that “President Biya will remain the dominant political force until the next election in late 2018 -when we expect him resigned at the age of 85 years “. The Economist Intelligence Unit continues that maintaining President Paul Biya in power will depend on his health.A-quoi-joue-Samuel-Eto-o

However, The report by the  Bristish points out that, political stability in Cameroon has been threatened from two angles: the uncertainty of the succession of Mr. Biya and the rise of Islamist extremism.
About his succession the firm believes that “the most likely scenario is that one of the CPDM allies of Mr. Paul Biya will succeed him as President and the transition may lead to intense maneuvers within the CPDM regime. ” Lack of a credible opposition front by opposition  parties will allow the ruling party to maintain a firm control of  the state institutions.
According to the report,this scenario  has an economic consequence to this West African Nation. The Economist Intelligence Unit predicts a growth rate of about “e 4.6  in 2016 from nearly 6.

The Government envisages a 5.5 u GDP between 2019-2020. The fiscal deficit would be 5.8. N 2016 “. However, the study notes that the State of Cameroon relies on an economic growth based on job creation.

By Elad Pride
By Elad Pride

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