Martin Belinga Eboutou

Rumours of the dead of  the Director of civil cabinet ,Martin Belinga Eboutou is intensifying and this publication thinks to clear the air the CPDM elite should put this to a stop by making a public appearance .Our source in Yaounde had indicated that Mr Ebouotu died on the 19th of July in Yaounde Cameroon according to one of his close female associate.

The Mr Minister who has been one of Biya’s closest alias in his 43 years reigned returned from France at 8pm on the 16th of July and was sported at Nsimalen airport by our informer.Born 17 February 1940 Belinga Eboutou is a diplomat who has been the Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of Cameroon since 2009. He previously held the same post from 1996 to 1997 and was Cameroon’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations from March 1998 to December 2007.

This alafnet.com reported on the 17th of July a rumour of Belinga’s death citing a facebook post from Atangana Nsoe Simon Pierre.Atangana Nsoe Simon Pierre had on his Facebook page , just before 4pm Cameroon time on the 17th of July,2016 posted’ the director of the civil cabinet is dead’ and in reaction to a comment on his post said his source is a close family member.

The CPDM Minister was flown to France for medical reasons on the night 09th of July 2016.Press reported Eboutou tried to avoid cameras and looked very sick walking,when spotted at the Nsimalen international airport in Yaoundé boarding an Air France flight bound for Paris.
The 76 years old has been the Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of Cameroon before his Death ,Belinga Eboutou was also called the snake of the house by some very close to Biya and the Press had suggested Joseph Oswald Babouké and Remy Ze Meka possible replacements to succeed Belinga Eboutou as Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency of the Republic in the next cabinet reshuffle.

Belinga Eboutou was Director of State Protocol and then Chief of State Protocol at the Presidency from 1989 to 1997, as well as Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency from 19 September 1996 to 8 December 1997.He was then appointed as Permanent Representative to the UN, presenting his credentials on 13 March 1998. On 29 January 2001, he was elected as that year’s President of the United Nations Economic and Social Council. He was the President of the United Nations Security Council in October 2002. On 6 June 2003, he was elected as Chairperson of the Third Committee of the General Assembly (the Social, Humanitarian, and Cultural Committee).While serving as Permanent Representative to the UN, Belinga Eboutou was also Permanent Representative of Cameroon to the Permanent Mission of the UN in Geneva, as well as Cameroon’s Ambassador to Jamaica.

Michel Tommo Monthé was appointed by President Paul Biya to replace Belinga Eboutou as Permanent Representative to the UN on 19 December 2007, while Anatole Marie Nkou was appointed to replace Belinga Eboutou in Geneva. Belinga Eboutou was instead appointed by Biya as Special Adviser to the President of the Republic on 22 December 2007.Biya sent Belinga Eboutou to Senegal from 8 June to 14 June 2009 to discuss the repatriation of the remains of Cameroonian President Ahmadou Ahidjo, who died in exile in Senegal in 1989. He and Ahidjo’s family reached an agreement regarding repatriation of the remains.Shortly afterward, Biya appointed him to his former post as Director of the Civil Cabinet of the Presidency on 30 June 2009.

by Edmond Tambe

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