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The appointment of a new management team at the head of the Cameroon Airlines Corporation (CAMAIR-CO) has so far not in anyway helped the situation within the state owned airline company. Rather it looks like the worst is still to come .Unfortunately, the gloomy picture painted by the company led by Ernest Dikoum is apparently far from over.

13950530_315481612125537_1322095359_o-1MA 60 Camair-Co MA60 Aircrafts

Since last week, only one aircraft (Beoning 737 leased)of  the Cameroon airlines company Camair-co has been flying,according to information reaching other Boeing 737  has been grounded in South Africa for a close to  2 billion FCFA unpaid bill. The two MA-60 are out of services. While the Dja,767 Boieng on it’s part has also been grounded and is under threat of seizure by the owner of it’s two engines, still unpaid for. In Total,  four planes of Camair-co are  grounded because of breakdown or unpaid bills, reports the French daily le Messenger of Monday,31st of  October, 2016.


According to an inside source with in Camair-co, “two of the five planes were flying about a week ago, and now just a single aircraft is available. The reasons are many. They range from maintenance to unpaid bills,”. In the aftermath, the company stops were closed across the network.


Moreover, some observers attribute this “failure” to the current team headed by Mefiro Oumarou, the chairman of the Board of Camair-co. And also because the new team  found the Boeing stimulus plan unrealistic . According to sources, former employees recruited by  the accompany ,the said plan were simply transferred by the so call Boeing  experts without any form of trial.

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