Apejes of Mfou has won the 57th edition of the cup of Cameroon after beating Bamboutous FC of Mbouda by 2 goals to zero at the Yaounde Amadou Ahidjo Stadium.

sketch-1477856611197Photo for: 57th edition of the Cup of Cameroon: Apejes wins trophy 2-0 against Bamboutous

The Club from the Centre region grabbed the trophy for the first time. The co-finalist, Bamboutous FC from the West region that was also playing the finals for the first time went home with the silver medal after three years in the first division.

The two goals of the encounter were scored at the second half of the competition within a five minute interval. The first goal came at the 69th minute while the second goal was scored at the 74th minute. The entry of Simplice Nkwetat, the 9 shirt of Apejes gave more vivacity to the match.
Apejes had mounted persisted pressure on the Bamboutous defence but thwarted several scoring opportunities.
Bamboutous FC made a few sporadic strikes at goal but they either went off target or straight into the hands of the Apejes goalkeeper. The fight to grab victory earned Apejes the first yellow card of the encounter given at the 33 minute while Bamboutous FC received 2 yellow cards before the end of the first half.

Prior to the match, supporters of Bamboutous FC had been in a festive mode with grand mobilisation in different neighbourhoods of the nation’s capital with gadgets of the club. The euphoria did not yield the expected results.

The highly contested match that marked the end of the 2016 sporting season in Cameroon was chaired by the President of the Republic, Paul Biya.

Officials and players of Apejes FC of Mfou each received a gold medal of the tournament from the hands of the Head of State, Paul Biya who also handed over the trophy to the captain of Apejes. The captains of clubs from the other sporting federations that won the respective finals were also handed trophies by the Head of State.


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