The Common Law Lawyers have a press release inviting all political parties within English speaking Cameroon to wake up slumber.

Following the news of the communique which has gone viral on  social media ,observers feel there is every indication that the lawyers are referring to the main opposition political party of the country the Social Democratic Front(SDF).

The SDF of Ni John Fru Ndi has been silent since the common law practitioners started this fight.

While some hold that the SDF, is a national party and should not get involved, others argued that Speaking out does not mean the SDF is reduced to a regional party.



This is what the Anglophone lawyers wrote in their most recent communique,” That we invite the political parties operating within the Common Law Jurisdiction(s) of the North West and South West Regions and represented in Parliament and Senate, to live up to their responsibilities by joining us in Calling for a constitutional Conference through which a secured foundation will be laid for the security of the co-existence of the common law and Civil Law in Cameroon…”

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