is getting information that Emmanuel Neba Tikum who posed as a fake navy officer in Douala has been referred to the Bonanjo military court to answer charges against him.Emmanuel Neba Tikum who used his false identity to illegally expropriate and sell land in the villages Bonandale 1 and 2 Bonaberi was arrested Tuesday, October 25, 2016.He was placed in  custody  on the day of his arrest and is  presently in jail at the 2nd Gendarmerie region Bonanjo-Douala.

Douala: Un faux capitaine de la marine aux arrêtsEmmanuel Neba Tikum



Besides the false information and use of forgery, usurpation of title, uniform usurpation and decoration which he is accused, are other reasons which may lead the suspect to jail. Among the accusations is noted;the damage to land, forging hand   writing ,death threats and even  bullying.He is at the New Bell central prison because of many crimes against him,reports Le Nouvelle Expression of 31st of October 2016.


Emmanuel Neba Tikum according to the populations of Bonendale, has caused great harm to the people of this Sawa village. “He snatched the land of people and sold them. He was our torturer and tortured us as he wanted without interference, “says a very very angry resident of Bonendale 1. The latter, which also rejoice the arrest of the “brigand” pray to God that he pays for what he has done to all these victims.


“I bought my land square 500.mètres. while I was trying to build my fence, he came up with thugs and police to destroy it. He confiscated the camera of the photographer i called to take photos. He  sold part of my land to someone else.Even though i spoke,he built on this land and my fence is still there. God must punish him for what he did, “says energetically Kemetcha Jalin one of the victims of Mr Emmanuel Neba Tikum. “i spent three months in  jail at the New Bell prison and spend more than two million CFA francs to be bailed. Neba assaulted me on my land and went and complained i injured him. Despite all that I brought as evidence, I was condemned even though it was him who was on the wrong. He will pay for all the evil he has caused to my family, “adds  Willy Cassim Abeyong another victim.

Ndoumbé Emmanuel the village chief of Bonendale1 ,notables and all the relatives of the chiefdom forced Emmanuel Neba Tikum after his arrest  to return everything he fraudulently took.By his act he had mad a mockery of the chiefdom and its notables.

For the village Chief ,He hopes this serve as an example to others.”He made people believe that ,he was the leader of our community and therefore the owner of all the land of our village. He sold everything. That’s why we filed a complaint against him, “said the village chief Bonendale1 also very very angry.

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