Alafnet.com is getting reports that the speaker of the National Assembly of Cameroon ,Honourable Cavaye Yeguie Djibril is said to be “a drunkard”in his   neighborhood in Yaounde, the capital of Cameroon.

In the National Assembly, as within his entourage, it is common knowledge that the president of the National Assembly of Cameroon (PAN), is an alcoholic.

In Volume one of an investigative report by Boris Bertolt,who also champions as the author of the book on Albastross titled”the president’s plane” (l’avion du President),the French based Journalist said, the Honourable member of parliament likes drinking  “33 Export”, Moet champagne  or even whiskey.

A few years ago, during the March parliamentary session, when he was not sure of being re-elected, Cavaye Yeguie stuffed himself with alcohol until the hour when it was announced that the head of state, Paul Biya had just accepted his reappointment as President of the National Assembly.

As he read his speech then, he staggered in the rostrum and  deputies who quickly realized the state of intoxication of the President of the National Assembly(PAN), asked him to stop. He was quickly rushed home by protocol . The scandal was subsequently stifled by the entourage of the PAN. Often, when he is overwhelmed by situations, he cries.

The 70 years old , who has been president of the National Assembly since 1992, had to change his name to be able to benefit from the favors of late President Ahmadou Ahidjo,alafnet.com gathered.

At his birth, his name was Cavaye Yeguié Maurice, of  Kirdi origin,according to Boris Bertolt’s investigation in order to give a pehl origin, the PM from the Far north region of Cameroon decided to be called Cavaye Yeguié Djibril.

When he is under the influence of alcohol or angry, he does not hesitate to say all the “good” that he thinks of 84 years old President Paul Biya.

Several months ago, Cavaye Yeguié Djibril, a former member of the Seventh-day Adventist, decided to recruit one of his relatives as a ‘charge de mission’ at the National Assembly. The file landed on the table of Mrs. Mendouga who was at the time the director of  coordination of the Glass house in Yaounde(National Assembly) .

The latter after examination finds out that the “brother” of Cavaye does not have the required qualification and decided to reject his file.

When the information got to the ears of Cavaye, he asks her to explain. When she tries to give him the reasons, the PAN publicly said : “madame,  don’t you know that I can make my dog a master here.”

In another instance when he was criticized on his nepotic management of the National Assembly, he says: “When Paul Biya makes his decisions in Etoudi, he does not often ask my opinion. He decides what he wants. In the National Assembly, I also decide what I want. ”

Thus, he placed his sons, who don’t have required qualifications to  the strategic posts of the National Assembly of Cameroon which infact should be called :THE KINGDOM OF CAVAYE ….

by Evangeline Sih in Yaounde with reports from Boris Bertolt for alafnet.com

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