President Paul Biya and Prime Minister Philemon Yang is getting reports that the head of state of Cameroon, Paul Biya maybe smelling dangers following the strike by common law lawyers(CLL).

The Prime Minister- head of government, Philemon Yang was at the  presidential palace of Etoudi,precisely at Office of 84 years old Mr. Paul Biya, for an emergency close door meeting Friday 11 of November, 2016,according to reports from investigative journalist Boris Bertolt .


So far, no detail has escaped from the sound protected room concerning the raison d’etre of this meeting which was abnormally long.
However, speculations  holds that both men can only discuss the ongoing strikes by the legal minds of English Expression which has received support from the opposition. thinks that the two may have also talked about the upcoming Anglophone Teachers’ strike too .

The intention of the strike according to the CLL is bring to the attention of the governments of their situation . CLL wrote to Biya and government about their challenges in the law field since May 9th 2015 (The Bamenda 6months ultimatum) They are yet to receive an acknowledgement of receipt to that effect.

The lawyers are making the following demands to the government ;

  •  Preserve the anglophone identity and prevent a complete wipe off by government as this may be governments hidden agenda.
  • Recall all civil law experts working in common law jurisdictions and replace them with common law experts and vice versa.
  • Immediate return to the 2 state federation the southern Cameroon’s voted for in 1961.


The Anglophone Lawyers Strike which  started in Bamenda  has paralyzed courts all over English speaking Cameroon.

On February 13th 2016 (The Buea Declaration by the CLL ) they wrote a follow up letter to government concerning the first letter which till date have received no response.

According to the CLL;

1. Common Law Lawyers should not make submission in court in French solely.

2. Laws should be made available in English for better exploitation and interpretation by the common law lawyers. Laws that are solely in French include OHADA, CIMA code etc.

3. Judges and magistrates appointed to common law court should have a mastery of common law, a mastery of English language in other to effectively carry out their assignment ts in the court. Over 70% of workers in the common law jurisdictions are francophones who did civil law.


As guests  start flying into the country ahead of next week end’s opening of the female African Cup of Nations (FCAON), it will best if both the common lawyers and the State of Cameroun can find common ground with their disagreement, to save the country’s image from embarrassment amidst the thousands of visitors already in the country.


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