The corruption, clan war,sex and mafia that rules the Cameroon Embassy in London did not start today. According to Cameroon born investigative journalist Boris Bertolt an investigation into this mishaps by the London based Cameroon diplomatic representation began in late 2011.

The Embassy of Cameroon in London covers Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Scandinavia.


Just after the celebration of the fiftieth 20th May anniversary.An occasion during which the ambassador  imported a Container of Cameroonian beverages. Some embassy officials found an opportunity to make easy money using the tax exemption by the UK government for this office to import beverage from Cameroon during national celebration tax free, and thus the authorization is granted by the highest person on mission leader .

Embassy officials  scan the document authorizing the import of these brewery products from Cameroon by changing the dates.They began  massive illegal trafficking of : Cigarettes, drinks, perfumes and African food, gathered.

The exemption of VAT on goods  from Cameroon by UK government caused a networks  linked with some Cameroonians who import beverage in containers to  England  to riggers the whole affair.

For three years, the High Commissioner and his staff have been cooked by the investigators of the British customs. Imagine an Ambassador is questioned in what is considered Cameroonian territory !, This is Serious isn’t it? .

In the end, the British government  seek the departure of four diplomats ;viz the ambassador, the No. 2 of the communication, the second secretary who is in charge of current affairs and the military attaché. Otherwise they will face British justice system .

Another case which will be added on the case of embezzlement that was manifested by billing unearthed by the Higher State Control. On this matter, the Minister Counsellor was simply  recalled to Cameroon and replaced by a lady who is awaiting accreditation.

But according to sources, things are more complex and has resulted to a conflict of interest .A source at the Ministry of External Relations in Yaounde -Cameroon (MINREX) points out that : “To sign a document of Finance,you are expected to obtain the agreement from the head of mission and his secretary checks everything and even,  verifies with the first secretary of the DGRE (Cameroon intelligence service). But because everyone is scared  of the first secretary, they have focused their attention to the secretary of the ambassador who is well soaked in the case and now refuses to return to Cameroon  to answer questions.

Note that the wrongdoing occurred following the departure of former collector of the embassy now Paymaster in Cameroon. The interim was a  collector of Madrid and he will discover the pot of Roses in London .

The Cameroon  High Commissioner   in London, Nkwelle Ekaney is described as “a real cowboy” accused of impregnating two  married women. The cuckolded husbands  later seized British justice and the Cameroonian authorities.

A new colonel was in place for three weeks. And the new councilor for culture and education stationed. It is expected that a new collector and a new High Commissioner appointment is expected.

At the embassy, we expect the replacement of second secretary and the chief of protocol because the current chief of protocol is -heavily involved in all these scandals.The 1st secretary, officer DGRE is considered the mole. He strongly denies.


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