Issa Tchiroma,
While the public is awaiting the opening of a frank and thoughtful dialogue on the demands of the Cameroon Common Law Lawyers and those of the Anglophone teachers as requested by the opposition and the Cameroonian civil society, the Biya regime seems to have chosen the path of repression and hard-line.

Issa Tchiroma, the Minister of Communication fired the first salvo last night as he denounced British Southern Cameroonians and called them extremist and an insignificant minority. The corrupt Francophone politician stated that a small group of demonstrators defied all the rules required for the preservation of public order and perpetrated acts of vandalism in the North West region.

The Minister of Communication who was a signatory to a document demanding that power be given back to the North noted that the demands of the Anglophones will have no favorable answer from the Biya Francophone Beti Ewondo regime.

Our chief political correspondent in Yaoundé who contributed to this report observed that the Biya regime has declared a war and let every Anglophone be ready with their matching song

Source:Cameroon concord news

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