An investigation in a relationship of love and hate between  EDGARD ALAIN MEBE NGO’O, JEAN PIERRE NSOLA and JOEL MBOUTOU by  the author of “L’avion du  president”,Boris Bertolt and members of the  CASH investigation,has been filtered to

The investigative journalist  reports that in the entourage of Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o,  the name on everyone’s lips is Jean Pierre Nsola, former  Admiral who was sacked by the Head of State on December 26, 2013.

fb_img_1480312871762JEAN PIERRE NSOLA,

He is no longer under the account of the Cameroonian tax payer  and is currently in China.

According to Boris Bertolt,Jean P. Nsola is accused of fueling the entire campaign in the private media and social media against Lieutenant-Colonel Joel Mboutou and former defense minister Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o whom he accuses of being the origin of his Misfortunes.

The CASH INVESTIGATION team seeked to understand the downside of the quarrel and differences between his former friends and current minister of transport,And  here is the story.

Comrades of Jean Pierre Nsola say he was a brilliant student who eventually specialised in mathematics .

At the time when Paul Biya accumulated the two functions of secretary general at the Presidency of the Republic and director of the civilian cabinet,under Preisdent Ahmadou Alhijo .He visited regularly and was considered a “child of the house”.

During the 1970s, he obtained a scholarship and went for military training abroad. When he returned to Cameroon , his comrades say “he “won the love of the bottle” during his time at the naval base in Douala.

In 1982, when Paul Biya became the head of state of Cameroon, rumors already circulated that in the ranks of his possible revocation.

In 1984, the military coup attempt changed his entire career.Paul Biya, who decided to replace the republican guard which composed mostly of officers from the North with his own, appointed J P Nsolais  General chief of Staff where he work with Benae Mpecke.The relations between the two got  heated.

Following a conflict with financial ramifications, he was assigned to the naval base at Kribi. It is there that he became friends with Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o who was prefect of Kribi. The two men from the same district get along very well.

When Menye Me Mve became Minister of Defense, he appointed Jean Pierre Nsola to the post of Deputy Military Secretary at the Ministry of Defense,the same position that Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou occupied.A very strategic position through which many files pass through.

Subsequently, Nsola was promoted to the head of the  military at the Ministry of Defense. At a time,when there were rumors of problems in the purchase of military equipment.

In 2005, he was appointed military attaché at the Cameroonian embassy in Beijing.
When Jean Pierre Nsola went to China, he was in very good relations with Mebe Ngo’o and Noel Mboutou. Moreover, it was he who prevented at the time a revocation of Mboutou of the army by Remy Ze Meka, former Minister of Defense. He regarded Mboutou as his “godson” as His relationship with Mebe Ngo’o was very friendly.fb_img_1480312890210


When the current Minister of Transport was appointed to  defense in 2009, Jean Pierre Nsola was to retire in 2008 but had a three-year extension, implying  that he must retire in 2011. But some months from the deadline, Paul Biya appointed new generals and Jean Pierre Nsola became Contra Admiral.
In the first transactions of purchase of arms with China, he was noticed. The friendship between Nsola and Mebe Ngo’o was so good  that according to relatives of the former defense minister, Nsola would have asked him to intercede with the president to be named head of etat Major of the Navy or  Army Chief of Staff.

But he had rather be promoted Controller of the Armies. What he does not accept. He told his former friend Mebe Ngo’o that he wants to stay in China. The latter informed him that the decision was in the hands of  the Head of State and that he can’t do nothing about it.but”Nsola sees it as a betrayal and believed  his long time friend was trying to  cut him off to live in China, “according to a source.

A few months latter disagreements arose between them about the purchase of weapons from China. At the same time, Jean Pierre Nsola was also allogaheads with Mboutou, whom he accuses of treason for not supporting him. (preferring Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o of which he had become “the henchman”.)


So what happened?
Senior military officers said: “The State of Cameroon had obtained a loan from China about CFAF 200 billion for the purchase of military equipment.

Because of Jean Pierre Nsola presence in China, he had the capacity to negotiate directly with suppliers. As was often the case. But on this matter, Mebe Ngo’o decided to travel to China himself. On the spot, Nsola, who already had tense relations with his former friend, succeeds in having an interview with the former Minister of Defense.

He proposes to him to sign a contract with companies that manufacture aircraft and warships. Mebe Ngo’o told him that money was already destined for something else.

Moreover, the negotiations for the delivery of the equipment seem to have been negotiated without the participation of Nsola.


Thus ,the battle of networks was triggered between the two. Mebe Ngo’o asks Nsola to return to take up his post of controller of the armies in Yaoundé. The latter opposes it and continues to hold his office in China.

Mebe Ngo’o decides to get tough.
In June of 2012, the salary of Jean Pierre Nsola was reduced from 4 million FCFA to 697 000 FCFA. He still did  not move. On 4 September, Martin Mpana, the Cameroonian ambassador to China, informed Nsola that he had been summoned before a disciplinary council in Cameroon on Monday, 16 September 2013,but he still did not go.

On 2 October 2013, the Ambassador of Cameroon to China summoned him again on Monday, 7 October 2013, at 10 am to appear infront of the Air Force Brigadier General Momha Jean Calvin, Chief of Staff of the Air Force, Reporting officer of the High Disciplinary Board, accompanied by Brigadier General Elokobi Samuel, Central Director of the Coordination of the National Gendarmerie.

The Cameroonian officials traveled to China and ended up not brining  Nsola to Cameroon. In December 2013 he was dismissed from the army by the head of state for “major fault” and has not been paid since January 2014.

Jean Pierre Nsola filed a complaint against the State of Cameroon to which he claims billions of CFA francs.

And it took a year to destroy nearly 20 years of friendship between Jean Pierre Nsola and Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o.

A bone of contention: the contract to buy weapons in China.

fb_img_1480312883489JOEL MBOUTOU

In the meantime, Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou, who became Mebe Ngo’o’s “henchman” and who is to become Colonel in January,2017, has not yet been auditioned by security services since his arrival Cameroon or received by The Minister of Defense, Beti Assomo who summoned him. He patiently awaits the fate that has been reserved for him.

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