Joshua Osih is aware that the First vice-president of the largest opposition political party in Cameroon,Joshua Osih has accused the CPDM regime of misplaced priorities.On a Facebook post on his official  page,the Deputy of the  Social Democratic Front(SDF) on November 4th ,2016 talks about the attack on social media by a government after the Eseka train derailment of of October 21st.

The Hounorable who posted in French,further wonders why the government has abandoned real issues like lack of access to health security, social inequalities to launch an attack on social media, gathered

Below is the is what the SDF PM for Wouri in the litoral region  wrote:


Since the drama of Eska, several mourning families have been abandoned in sorrow and sadness. What has the government done?

Rejecting responsibilities on others, accusing third parties. Today ,  Internet users and bloggers are been accused of lynching in a coordinated way as a group. Why are social networks pointed as a tool used in manipulating public opinion and disorder?

Simply because of its approach of expressing issues as they clearly are; The government can not control the social networks and the state has  failed to relayed in mondovision. Since the government can not adapt to NICT, it has decided to attacked  bloggers and once again this  reflects the regimes irresponsibility and its flaw. Even if the use of this new method of communication leaves shocking images and messages; It must be understood that this is a symptom of lack of social cohesion.

We suffer from the lack of access to health security, social inequalities, the claudizing education system. What about these problems?We must ask ourselves the real questions. We must attack the problem and not the symptoms, We must be able to adapt, anticipate and regulate.

We must let the Cameroonians express themselves because today social networks can be a tool for valuing citizenship and social responsibility if we accept to adapt to it. Cameroonians need to be educated with the use of web 2.0.The integration of e-governance highly needed in our schools ,universities and in our workplaces.

The world is moving forward and the government does not want to adapt to it. Our government must adapt to this changes and move along with the world.

For a better Cameroon
Joshua Osih


His post caused some reactions ,one of such came from Epie Njume Herve who wrote:

“in a country were news papers are been clampdown, our democracy debased, civil rights and liberties excommunicated out of the law system, government policies suffers from disabilities. Cameroonians are tied to a stick to keep them under wants, others by neck to a tree to seize their voice. Social media is a place were people can voice out their discontentment against social injustices not only against the government but the world at large. The government wants to use of bloggers like bouc emissaire to pass harsh social laws. The worse thing that could happened to somebody is when you seized his voice, flogging him and expect him not to cry. Honorable the regime we need now is the one that would not necessarily takes us to heaven but save us from hell”

by Elad Pride

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