is getting reports employees of Intra-urban  bus company popularly called  ‘Le Bus‘ has parallize circulation at Rond Pont Nlongkak in Yaounde.
Employees of the company which replaced former’ Sotuc‘ were seen this morning carrying placards protesting for non-payment of  over 20 months salaries.The company owned by Yaounde Urban council  has almost 300 workers and transports passengers to Soa,Mendong ,Messassi and Nkoabang.
Sources say the company which transports people within an urban area of the Nations capital,has been facing financial difficulties for more than five years now.
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photo credit- Debora Tonye Mvaebeme
 At vallée Nlongkak, former SOCATUR base in Yaounde, no protesters could be seen but empty buses had been stationed across the road blocking traffic both ways baffled by the situation the security forces  stood watching
as the did not know whether to start firing at the parked engines or shoot tear gas in the air to hunt the ghost protesters,as they usually do.

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