Lieutenant colonel Ghislain Mboutou Joel has been formerly arrested on instructions from the Cameroonian head of state president Paul Biya. informer indicates that the Cameroonian military attaché in Morocco who was called back home last week, was arrested Friday 25 of November, 2016 just after the return of Minister’s defense Joseph Beti Assomou from a special mission in France.

fb_img_1480141530229Ghislain Mboutou Joel is presently locked up at the Military Security confinement (SEMIL).His badges and military uniform have been confiscated as he awaits formal sentencing.

 Lieutenant-Colonel Mboutou, who was on duty with the Cameroon  Embassy in Morocco, was arrested a few weeks ago in Paris -france.

At the time of his arrested, he was in possession of a suitcase containing more than one Million euros,  monies  he told French investigators,was to be used buy a building in Paris.

Interrogation  by French intelligence reveals dealings with his former boss transport Minister Mebe Ngo’o ,whom press reported he was buying the house in Paris for.

But a source has also suggested that the money he was carrying was intended to  finance the election campaigns in France .

By Evangeline Sih

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