13332968_10154322405437074_1709275491819193606_nGhislain Joel Mboutou (who is a close alie of the Cameroon  minister of transport Edgar Alain Mebe Ngo’o) ,a military attache of Cameroon to the kingdom of Morocco,has been arrested in Paris for money laundering and the  commission investigating him is  requesting the assistance of the Special Criminal Court in Cameroon for more information .
According to news reaching alaftnet.com,Lieutenant Colonel Joel Ghislain Mboutou Ele, Defence Attaché at the Embassy of Cameroon in Morocco was arrested by the French domestic intelligence services when he was about to finalize a real estate deal in Paris.
The french daily  Le Parisien reports that a private jet from Rabat in Morocco landed in Paris Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport on October 4, 2016, and offloaded its occupants.Among them a man identified as a senior officer of the Cameroonian  Air Force called Ghislain Joel Mboutou.

The  Defence Attaché in Morocco with  skills form Tunisia, Libya and Mauritania ,landed on French soil to enter into a real estate transaction in the French capiatl. Holder of a diplomatic passport (even if the person does not have a service passport), this privileges spared him in this case from some kind of harassment on his luggage and body search.This provision was observed at his airplane.But  airport security services decided to  scan the luggage of the Cameroonian senior officer.
Alerted by the scanner  detection of suspicious elements in the content in the belongings of Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou, the French domestic intelligence services engage a discrete monitoring of the  Military Attache from Cameroon to Morocco and Mauritania.He took residence at the Georges V hotel near the Champs Elysees in the French capital.He affirms he has never set foot in this prestigious Parisian hotel establishment.
After a stop at his hotel, Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou, heads toward a real estate agency, under the watchful eye of the French security,who followed on without him noticing. The elements of the ISB (Directorate General of internal security) break into the real estate agency where the transaction was going on. Where Flagrante delicto finds the senior  Air Force officer and apprehended him  instantly. His business partners were also arrested. Despite the entreaties of Colonel Mboutou, the French did not hold back.


At the time of his arrest he was in possession of 700,000 euros (just over 45 million CFA francs … A search conducted at his hotel Georges V (alafnet.com gathered a day in this hotel minimum is $ 1000 a day) discovered a sum of 1.3 million euros (700,000 euros + 1.3 million euros is 2 million euros which is just below 1.4 billion FCFA at today’s rate of 1euro is 656 fcfa) in a case with confidential documents.These exhibits were recorded in the investigation procedure.

Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou  interrvied by the ISB cops before the judicial police.After which he was referred to the Tribunal de Grande Instance parquet Nanterre, where he was interviewed by an investigating judge in the criminal House of the Court on money laundering.

During his hearing before the examining judge, his confiscated cell phones rang constantly.
Mobile connections

A Cameroonian telephone number subscribe to a South African mobile operator, called and sent text messages insistently attributing it  to Edgard Alain Mebe Ngo’o, current Minister of Transport, former Minister for the Presidency of the Republic in charge of defense.

Some picky analysts on photos of his phoned reveal a causal relationship with the  Transport Minister messages to his former assistant for seven years at the Ministry of Defence. Indeed, Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou was a deputy in the military chief Secretariat at the Ministry of Defence under the Mebe Ngo’o era.
The two men who were always close kept good relations, despite the distance by assignment of Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou in Rabat, Morocco. The Cameroon’s military attache in Rabat, Morocco told relatives that this case is pure machination. Facts that the senior officer totally denies, attributing this an harassment against him.Following investigation procedure, Lieutenant Colonel Mboutou was released on bail and placed under judicial police supervision after his stint with the judge at Tgi of Nanterre in France.

France has been on alert for more than a year now  after the tragic events that devastated France. This has led to the restructuring of the Central Directorate of internal information (DCRI) to become the Directorate General of Internal Security (RPS).It is this service which has deemed it necessary to arrested Lieutenant-Colonel Joel Ghislain Mboutou.

This large undeclared sum, has put the bloodhounds on the heels of the Cameroonian senior officer ,whose name is regularly chanted by Cameroonian  artists ,of how handsome he is. Already the country is known to be  notorious in Epicurean.

Was all this cash kept in a domicile bank? It is expected that light be shed on this  scandal on Cameroon and its  army



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