After the forces of law and order took to calls from the hierarchy to fire Tear Gas at the peaceful strike action perpetrated by the New Common Law Bar Association Lawyers and bike riders in Bamenda, the National Chairman of the SDF Ni John Fru Ndi has finally come in, to rescue them.fb_img_1478623770544


Ni John Fru took to the scene to calm down the population when reports went viral that an angry mob has joined the entrenched lawyers in an indefinite strike action in Bamenda Tuesday November 8 2016.
Santa Meteo radio gathered that,that despite the intervention of the SDF chairman ,  some victims of the tear gas spray, refused to stop, insisting that their brothers who have been arrested must be released.They were joined by Okada riders.
In the course of the tussle, Barrister Mbah, however tabled reassured the masses that he will see into it that those arrested be released.

Even though the national chairman’s presence helped to calm down the the tension at the Bamenda City chemist roundabout, many are said to have been rushed to hospital due to the tear gas fired on them.


by Laarry Uchena


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