Some of the Summoned farmers is getting reports from the Donga Mantung Eye that Tension is mounting in Rom village in Nwa Sub Division, donga mantung division  where over 20 Peasant Farmers, some of them aged 90 years have been summoned to appear at the Bamenda Judicial Police a distance of close to 200 km for “Violation of Administrative Order”.

The motive of summoning these peasants from a village in a remote Sub Divisional unit not to the headquarters of the Sub Division in Nwa or   Nkambe the Divisional headquarters but to the Regional capital of  Bamenda is very questionable.

Besides, the said summons of which has a copy, has no reference number, the name of the supposed sender as Ade Ernest Ndifor, the Commissioner of Police but no signature and does not give those invited any clue as to who the complainant and matter at stake are.

Following the news some concerned elite(s) of Rom village (viz; Mr.Adamu Mvurim Mohamadou and Mr.

Nyanganji Job) based in Bamenda on behalf of  Rom people issue a Press release to draw the attention of the administrative, political and religious authorities, the National Anti-corruption, Human rights organizations, legal luminaries as well as the entire Press corps.
In their release signed on  November 16th,2016 in Bamenda, the elites frowned that “most of those summoned do not have even the money to meet up their daily basic needs and we wonder how they are expected to take care of their transport cost to and fro, accommodation, feeding and local movements in Bamenda.We also wonder what criteria have been used to select those who have been selected to appear in Bamenda”.
At the moment  the land dispute land dispute between the Rom village and a grazer should be subject of the police order.

The said piece of land had been allocated by government to resettle a group of people who suffered from landslide.The community  had created a market on part of the land  and  one grazer now claims ownership over the said piece of land. The Fon is said to have (as usual) taken side with the grazer.



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