Prime Minister Philemon Yang is in Bamenda to meet with the leaders of the teachers, lawyers, and other stakeholders. Yaounde has come down to Bamenda.

BaretaNews can now confirm that they will be meeting at Ayaba Hotel on Friday 25th November 2016 at 8am. I call on the public to be vigilant and pray for these leaders.

images-1PM Philemon Yang

Let them look into the eyes of the PM and tell him that for any solution to be sustainable, it must begin with Federation. This is not the time for politics. It should be a moment of truth.

The PM should be able to take these messages directly to Paul Biya. Let the leaders know that the public is watching and praying for them. BaretaNews also learned that the MP intends holding such a meeting at different times with the different groups. The teachers and Lawyers should INSIST that it should be a round table meeting with everyone in the hall. No segmentation because that is divide and rule.

This is BaretaNews advice to the leaders
1. Do not reveal your travel means or route to anyone not even family
2. Wherever your car is packed, before entering to drive, get a technician to check your brakes. You might get into your car and do not reach home

3. If possible, get a chair from your house to the meeting. Some chairs could be tempered with. You will get the effect in one or two years or even months
4. Do not shake hands with anyone during the meeting
5. Do not drink or eat anything during the meeting. No refreshment
6. After the meeting, go your separate ways, forget anyone who wishes to give you a lift, even a friend. Take another route different as you came.

I am saying all these because the manner at which Mr. Atanga Nji spoke today on CRTV, as Minister in charge of special duties, the CPDM regime can do anything possible to clear off the leaders.

Above all, do not forget that the struggle is for the collective survival of Anglophone Cameroon.


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