Common law Lawyers demonstrating

Cameroon Bar Council in a meeting last November 15, 2016 at  the office of the General Assembly strongly condemns the disproportionate and excessive use of force against English-speaking lawyers. The Council further argues that nothing  justifies the brutality on the Anglophone  lawyers during their peaceful protest on the 7th, 8th and 10th of November in Bamenda and Buea respectively .

In a statement signed by President of Cameroon Bar Association , Mr. Jackson Ngnie Kamga,of which has a copy, 17 Barristers all members of Cameroon Bar Association  attended the Council meeting .

The Council  further invites counsel general at the courts of Appeal of the Northwest and the Southwest to launch an investigations and bring the perpetrators to courts.

Failure by public prosecutors to act to the order the Council warns that it “directly take its responsibilities in this regard”

After condemning with sympathy and solidarity the abuse on CLL , the Council reminded that :

-the Cameroon Bar Association and law Society of Cameroon is a apolitical institution created and governed by law, which no one has the right to use for personal and / or policies;

-resolutions Ordered by the Council are immediately enforceable, and impose by any lawyer without the need for him to assess its relevance;

-and that in the statement sanctioning the work of its session on 29th and 30th of October 2016, it had made its position clear on the legitimate occupational demands of Lawyers practicing in areas of the Northwest and the Southwest which it endorsed the content.

in conclusion, the statement of the Council reaffirms that it is only in a united Bar that the institution can conduct a legitimate fight.

Once again the Council invites all lawyers practicing in the North -West and south-west, to resume  normal exercise of their profession, immediately after the publication of this release.

Recall Cameroon police brutalized,  took away  phones and robes off the lawyers of English Expression during their peaceful protest. Their main demand is for government to translate  the OHADA Treaty and the application of the Common Law in respect of the bi-judicial system corollary to bilingualism.

The following Francophone and Anglophone Barristers took part in the meeting;

  • Jackson Francis Ngnie Kamga -Bar President(Francophone)
  • Nico Halle -Pga(Anglophone)
  • Kouanou Kless Yves Patrick -Vice Pga(Francophone)
  • Ngoulla Fotso Arlette(Francophone)
  • Claire Atangana Bikouna(Francophone)
  • Sylvestre Nah Nah(Francophone)
  • Charles Tchakoute Patie(Francophone)
  • Dominique Nicole Fousse(Francophone)
  • Njualem Charles(Anglophone)
  • Abdul Bagui Kari(Francophone)
  • Philippe Olivier MEMONG-Secretary(Francophone)
  • Ntoko Justice Ebah(Anglophone)
  • Kemende Henry Gamsey(Francophone)
  • Nzoh Divine Mbokeh(Anglophone)
  • Tassa André Marie(Francophone)
  • Sylvain Souop(Francophone)
  • Anthony Zih  Nong (Anglophone)

By Edmond Tambe

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