Faced with the demands of Anglophone lawyers who are demanding the withdrawal of French-speaking magistrates in the North-West and South-West, Justice Minister Laurent Esso published on 22 November the geographical distribution on the entire territory.The distribution of  which alafnet.com obtained a copy tends to confuse the complainants.

According to the statistics on the distribution of Anglophone and Francophone judicial staff in Cameroon, there are 2086 lawyers practicing in the country ,that is 1390 Francophones and 696 Anglophones with about 1400 lawyers trainees .

An observation of the geographical distribution of lawyers shows that in the southwest,there is  no francophone lawyer practicing and  alafnet.com can confirm according to the report that the Northwest has one francophone legal practitioner.

The  statistic published by the CPDM regime show that in the Francophone regions, there are 129 English-speaking lawyers. And the country ruled by 84 years old Biya, in power for 34 years ,has 69 notary  offices all in francophone Cameroon.
The reports further adds that there are 514 judges in Cameroon,of which 499 are Francophones and 15 Anglophones.The North West has 43 Francophones bailiffs and no Anglophone.while the South West region has 31 bailiffs in total ,that is  16 French-speaking bailiffs and 15 Anglophones.

The statistic further illustrates that the rest of the judiciary personnel practicing in the other eight regions of French expression of the country.

For Laurent Esso,among the judicial staff of his ministry,1,542 magistrates are in active service, including 91 in service at the Ministry of Justice, 1412 in working in the courts and 39 on secondment.

In this lot, there are 1265 French-speaking and 227 English-speaking magistrates. The number of Francophones are 60 in the Northwest against 57 in the Southwest region , while the number of English-speaking magistrates in service in the Francophone areas is 107.

alafnet.com notes that this statistics by the government is faulty because English Cameroon should not have french civil judges.And this statistics does not in an way pose or answer any question as to why Common Law lawyers are striking because a lawyer is a private job and they can practice anywhere.

The Common Law Lawyers  are referring to those appointed by the government to the two  Anglophone regions.Also they demand  government to translate the OHADA Treaty and the application of the Common Law in respect of the bi-judicial system corollary to bilingualism.

by Evangeline Sih

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