Senators, Parliamentarians & Mayors of the Social Democratic Front( SDF) converge at party chairman Fru Ndi’s residence in Ntarinkon Bamenda Monday ,28th of November ,2016 to appraise the situation of the ongoing strike action initiated by the common Common Law Lawyers and the Teachers’ Trade Unions of English-speaking extraction.
alafnet.com is aware that they agreed to a protest  march along the streets of Bamenda carrying banners bearing messages demanding the respect of fundamental rights to protest and the respect for the Anglo Saxon system of education and its judicial system.
Other messages called on the Cameroon government to give a listening ear to the Anglophone problem. The elected representatives later granted audience by  Lele L’afrique in the governors office in Bamenda .They condemned the ruthless manner in which security forces were handling protests in Cameroon.
After the governor’s office, the North West Representatives marched unto the grandstand at Commercial Avenue.

Recall that the SDF PMs and Senators had addressed  a joint leave-of- absence in a communique to both the Senate and National Assembly leaders by the senators and parliamentarians in the current parliamentary session , excused themselves simply by notification so they can descend to appraise the situations of their electorates.

more photos of the protest march in Bamenda
By Elad Pride

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