Lets evaluate some of their atrocities in my hometown of Mutengene, South West Region of Cameroon .

Many at times, when we challenge the wrong doings of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) party and all it’s satellite organizations at home and abroad, many people try to tag us with names like politicians, critics, etc. But it is my utmost oppionion that what they are doing to our country isn’t funny.

Cameroonians shouldn’t just sit there and give them space to continue toiling around with the future of a whole generation of people. They can be foolish and want to live their lives like animals, which should be their problem. But they can’t be allowed to drag every Cameroonian into it.

Let me just cite you one example of how dangerous this political party which has ruled Cameroon for three and half decade and its members can be.

In 2013, I was living in Cameroon. I saw an unusual calmness around Mutengene – my hometown.

I saw certain bars sealed by the police as they normally do  in Europe and other parts of the world .  I asked friends then and I was told that God has blessed the town with a young police commissioner who has been doing a great work. He doesn’t take bribe, doesn’t collaborate with criminals, etc. I was told when this commissioner came in, a young man in his early 30’s, he went around, secretly meeting certain people whom he feels because of the nature of their lives, he can trust, asking them how they can work together to bring peace and security to the town. This men told him everything he needed to know.

I was told that when this newly appointed commissioner of police realized that some of these criminals, had a habit of standing around the entrance of the famous Baptist Hospital at Limbe Road Mutengene and in other hospitals around town, to target patients who are going to hospital for treatment, because they know that people who are sick always carry money with them when  going for treatment.

he decided to keep an eye open and for days, kept watching at them  weeping. At some point, he told his whistleblowers that he is going to clean this town even if it has to cost him his blood. I can’t go into much detail as I am not writing a novel here. But to conclude, this commissioner brought peace and security to Mutengene , but surprisingly he was  transferred after only a few months in office despite his exemplary work.

What happened next is a mystery. His successor  brought in with a new regime of thieves. The thieves like my brothers and childhood friends,  celebrated in my own eyes. Telling me how they have shown the commissioner of police that they are the ones who own the town and are in control.

One day, I went to the office of a local politician who is very close to Biya.He like my younger brother. He made a very embarrassing statement and shockingly, he was in the presence of several high profile, respected and well travelled CPDM supporters of Mutengene/Tiko origin.

He said the old police commissioner had refused to cooperate, so they have brought their own police commissioner. They all laughed and enjoyed the laughter.

I was stunned at what these people were talking about. They were glorifying and seems to be enjoying all the wickedness going on around them.

I know these CPDM politicians from Tiko, just as I know all the commissioners who replaced them and their bandits. They are household names in Cameroon, often being heralded and awarded medals by the current regime .

Their new commissioners of police are still there with their bandits, roaming the town and destroying lives. Stealing and attacking innocent people including patients going to hospital for treatment.

People, it is no longer funny. There is a complete collapse of morality and other rational values in Cameroon. There is just a lot I want to tell you. We are facing a very serious challenge in front of us. If CPDM regime want to live their lives like animals, we have no control over that. But we must be vigilant and firm. Let us rise up against their foolishness and take control of our streets.

I can’t count the number of innocent lives these people have taken away. Is this the type of country we want to build and live in?


By Rexon Tayong Nting.

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