Following the barbarism perpetuated by by Mr Biya’s police, BIR and gendarmes on  Common Law Lawyers who were peacefully protesting in Buea today.

Onlookers worry that if care is not taken massive demonstrations nation wide may follow as these  Lawyers have been beaten, their wigs and gowns and phones, seized and destroyed, etc just because they stand for common law to be practiced in Anglophone courts and not civil law.Added to their demands , is the fact that the English speaking lawyers are also demanding French magistrates quite North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.

Akoson A. Raymond the Secretary General of warns that Cameroon youth politicians and activists will join common lawyers….if.

Akoson A. Raymond wrote “Youth politicians of PAP (of AYAH Paul), SDF (of Ni John Fru Ndi), MRC (of Maurice Kamto), CDU (of Ndam Njoya), CPP (of Kah Walla), APF (of Ben Muna), ADD (of Garga Harman); and activists of Civil Societies across Cameroon especially CATTU and TAC to organise a nationwide uprising should Paul BIYA not stop his trigger-happy forces of lawlessness and (dis)order from their primitive actions of brutally clamping down on peaceful, armless Civil law lawyers in the South West and North West regions of the country. This act of the police is against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which supports peaceful demonstration and enshrined in the preamble of the constitution of Cameroon.

This dictatorship must understand that such actions only embolden the movement as the number of sympathisers to the lawyers strike action grow. This may spill over to francophone Cameroon and the edifice would have cracked for the mortar to crumble…. enought with this kakistocracy!”

Meanwhile, Etang Innocent frowns that the oppressive and brutal regime of Cameroun led by the francophones and headed by Paul Biya has no respect for basic human rights and freedoms and are determined to marginalise and assimilate All Anglophones in Cameroon.

Calling on all Cameroonians to stand with the lawyers and fight for their basic human rights. Enough is enough.

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