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Martin Belinga Eboutou, Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic is trying to set up Chantal Biya’s Personal Assistant, Pastor Oswald Baboke, who according to sources will replace Martin Belinda any time soon,alafnet.com gathered.

On the story ,Cameroonian born investigative  journalist Boris Bertolt, has indicated that there is a big conspiracy by members of the Biya’s entourage.As they fight to seek Presidential attention,  blackmailing has become the other of the day.

Oswald Baboke
According to Boris Bertolt, a note addressed  a few days ago to the President of the Republic of Cameroon ,Paul Biya is  circulatinga underground by people of the most intimate political circles of Etoudi.
Though Oswald Baboke’s name is unfamiliar to many Cameroonians, he is one of the most influential persons in the States Machinery. He may not have been widely known because  he comes to the office at the Presidency every day latest 7:15 a.m and leaves after 22 p.m.
In the document entitled “Note to the highest attention of the Head of State” the initiators subjected it as: “indiscretion and illegal wealth of someone very closed to  the First Lady“. The address used is  “For the highest attention of the hierarchy” on the actions of Oswald ,whom the letter says can discredit the honour of the presidential couple in the national opinion.

Alafnet.com understands that, Oswald Baboke is  a pastor and spends his free hours from Etoudi preaching. He has constructed a church in Yaounde and the church was partly financed by Chantal Biya. During the inauguration of the church, top government officials were present, including Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh ,the Secretary General at the Presidency of the Republic(SGPR).The SGPR had been  assigned by Martin Belinga Eboutou, Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency to personally represent him.

After the inauguration things turned sour between Martin Belinga Eboutou and Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh over Oswald Baboke, and the bone of contention is the motive for this letter.

The note which is drawing the attention of the Head of State on the ambitions of his young collaborator who is eyeing the position occupied by the almighty Martin Belinga Eboutou,seemse to have been written by Martin Belinga Eboutou himself , to discredit Oswald Baboke infront of the Presidential couple, should they have plans of having him as his successor.

According to the letter, Baboke has been eyeing the post of the Director of the Civil Cabinet currently occupied by   Belinga Eboutou . Part of the letter reads “Oswald Baboke (…) is announcing to his church members and close relatives that he will be the next Director of Civil Cabinet of the Presidency. To gain more respect for himself, he is brandishing his relationship with the First Lady, with the help of Antoine Samba, Director General of Budget at the Ministry of Finance  who is his brother in-law“.
The contents of the note added to rumors that is presently circulating in high political offices about a meeting that was held last week at the resident of Rene Ze Meka, former Minister of Defense, and which was also attended by Oswald Baboke , Joseph Le and Foe Ndi of the Presidency.
One of the objectives of the meeting according to them was to establish a process to celebrate Ze Meka’s potential appointment as the Director of Civil Cabinet.But both Foe Ndi and Oswald Baboke say they were never part of any such meeting and knew nothing about any planned meeting.
Foe Ndi and Martin Belinga are very close, and their friendship is known to everyone, including their neighbourhood of Ahala in Yaounde.
Meanwhile Joseph Le is also suspected for eyeing the same position of Director of the Civil Cabinet .
During the accident at Eseka, the childish elders of the state according to letter went further to lie about pastor Osawld Local and international artists  observers very angry with Oswald Baboke because on the evening of Oct, 21st 2016 after the Eseka disaster, this self proclaimed pastor feasted all night long in his church with his followers, preaching that the disaster which occurred was a warning from God“.
downloadMartin Belinga Eboutou
After verification, it was discovered that Oswald Baboke was not in Cameroon  on that Oct. 21st 2016, because he had accompanied to the United Nations General Assembly and  Biya had not returned to the country since he left Yaounde September 16 .

The document also contained information about Baboke’s assets among which is the Restaurant Parfum d’Eden in Yaounde managed by his wife Crescence Baboke, and his mansion in Biteng-yaounde : ” to conclude , the nomination of Oswald Baboke as the Director of the Civil Cabinet at the Presidency of the Republic will provoke hatred among Cameroonians and the President of the CPDM, in his publicity for the 2018 elections“.

The question posed,is why are the initiators of this letter targeting Oswald Baboke?

 alafnet.com learned that, from their senseless blabbings, they are concerned that Biya will make him the Director of the Civil Cabinet in the coming days.

Oswald Baboke has done so many things for first lady Chantal Biya, and he is one of the Head of State most trusted men arround the presidential couple . The plotters know that the 84 years old HP (Paul Biya’s coded name) who has been in power for  34 years  likes to read such things, and they are using this to poison his mind against everyone having interest in the said position.

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