Cameroon Common Law Lawyers (CLL)residing in the UK, together with some Cameroonian-born UK Lawyers will be joining a group of Cameroonians on Friday, the 25th of November between the hours of 11am and 1pm to stage a protest march in front of the Cameroon High Commission in London. The Cameroonian community in the UK is invited to participate.

‘It is unacceptable for Police to brutalize lawyers who were within their constitutional right to protest. Nowhere in a modern democracy would Police beat up peaceful protesters and search law firms without a search warrant and seize properties and documents’, Barrister Ernest Acha angrily told me over the phone on his way to Manchester.
In today’s meeting, Barrister S Ajong and Barrister Arrey-Mbi Bright expressed great disappointment and vowed that they are going to make sure that the Biya regime pays a very high price. Lawyer Stanislaus Ajong and Lawyer Arrey-Mbi Bright are now working with their Cameroonian counterparts in London on this case. The lawyers have already contacted certain institutions and their case was welcomed with great enthusiasm.

The marginalization of Southern Cameroonians was also discussed at today’s meeting. It was agreed that any Cameroonian who feels cheated or maltreated and who feels like representing a group of people in Cameroon is free to join the protest. The protest is to denounce the dictatorial regime of Paul Biya, police brutality, and killing of innocent English-speaking (Anglophone)Cameroonians.

‘’We want to let our brothers and sisters back home understand that their pains are equally our pains,’’ a strong voice man who identified himself as Daniel the Liberator told me over the phone and after their meeting. He ended by saying, ‘’we shall fight hands in gloves with Southern Cameroonians until the territory is liberated from the occupier’.


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