img-20161022-wa0012Mányai bridge on  National Highway No. 3: behind the scenes


The Emergency bridge built at Mányai -Matomb along the Yaounde -Douala is  causing enormous demage  according to information reaching

local residents worry that the container bridge on National Highway No. 3:   is responsible for the recent floods recorded in the village close to the Matomb bridge.

On the story, French news Daily “le Economie” of 31 October 2016, reports the bed of the river  overflowed and the water has taken an unusual direction.”There’s water everywhere and most villagers have been blocked at home recently.The most courageous, braved the water and mud to join the national 3 (Yaounde-Douala highway ), the main point of convergence. Where , local residents observe keenly the work of deviation at the Mányai container bridge, “says the paper.

It is said that , the  rehabilitation work on the bridge is a real freak and People are still worried.

“They are underestimating this stream ” says a man named “Daddy Philippe.” The sexagenarian strongly criticizes the technique used by the engineers in constructing this bridge. “This container is too narrow to let the enough volume of water to flow easily. It had to be larger, “he says, adding:” This is why we have standing water in front of our homes, our fields and drinking  wells. ”



Another villager who wanted to show everyone the state of his field of tubers (cassava, cocoyam, plantain). He said, The road to his plantation is full of water and mud puddles. Slippery and difficult to negotiate. “see for yourself, everything has been submerged in  water.My cocoyam and cassava are completely rotten. To feed my children, we had to buy a bag of rice on Wednesday, October 26, 2016. Expenses that were not foreseen, “the lady said.




The water that passes through the container is flowing on a surface that will cause deviation within days. “The flow is strong today because it rained at night,” says François Kamseu, the foreman.


According to him, the excesses of water are simply related to the rain.

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