is getting reports that a French national is staging a protest in for thee day infront of the French Embassy in Yaoundé,the capital of Cameroon .

Bruno Jeanne, a 50years old French citizen who  has served  in the French army for 20 years, wearing his military outfit, went on a hunger strike outside the French embassy to denounce violence he suffered in Cameroon.


fb_img_1478809318435Bruno Jeanne stephane on hunger strike

Faced with the gravity of the situation, the 1st Secretary of the French Embassy and the Defense attaché of France to Cameroon had to go out to appease the situation because their compatriot had chained himself infront of the diplomatic representation.

They told him: “An adjutant chef chained in front of the French embassy?,that can never happen”.


According to the story,In December 2012, Bruno Jeanne was contacted by a Cameroonian in Lyon (France) to work in a modern garage in Yaoundé. He arrived in Cameroon in March 2013 to work as a salaried employee in a garage run by a certain Timothée Bodo (LA CENTRALE AUTOMOBILE – located towards Cami Toyota), a French citizen of Cameroonian origin.
The contact between the two men initially was via the Internet. Jeanne then came to Cameroon to negotiate terms and conditions with Bodo.


Under the new contract, he was subsequently required to mobilize financial resources for the implementation of the partnership. To this end, he invested nearly 130,000 Euros, or 84,500,000 FCFA, for the acquisition of equipment for the Bodo garage.

Holding a  three-month tourist VISA,he landed in Cameroon in March 2013 with a promise to hire (without a contract of employment).

In the document of promise of hiring signed by M. BODOle 6 February 2013, it indicates that the contract of M.JEANNE would be signed on his arrival in Cameroon.    But very soon JEANNE finds herself faced with the non respect of the commitments by his interlocutor: non-payment of wages,no promised benefitsof any kind, non- reimbursement of the professional equipment acquired.

Following an altercation with BODO, Jeanne was simply forbidden access to the garage.

Faced with this situation, JEANNE decided to file a complaint with the court of Ekounou in Yaoundé .

In his letter to Justice Minister -Laurent Esso and Christine Robichon-a former French ambassador to Cameroon on June 3, 2014,he wrote: “The proceedings seem to be hampered by the interventions of Mr Bodo and his wife, a senior official in the Ministry of Finance . It is my responsibility that the couple mobilize their relations in administration, gendarmerie and justice in order to obtain a conviction of Mr JEANNE and the spoliation of his property.”


As of today, JEANNE seems to have reached the limit of his capacities both financial and moral. He hopes that his material will be released for him to sell and leave Cameroon.

On 10th of June 2015,JEANNE Bruno Stephane wrote to the President of the Republic Paul Biya. In the correspondence relayed to by a source, he takes of “nine months of sequestration of his family and property, irregularities in immigration, non-payment of salaries of inhuman attitudes towards employees and non-payment Of salaries to employees.

The two directors of the said company are Thimothée (Managing Director) and Bitoungui Francis Emile-Chairman of the Board of Directors.


Among the traumas Bruno Jeanne claims to have suffered is: “Attempted expulsion, convocation for terrorism, blocking France’s transfers to the bank, theft of his file on immigration, destruction of his belongings, disappearance of contracts Of employment at the Ministry of Employment, seizure of his equipment following a decision of the court of first instance of Ekounou “.


He concluded his letter to Paul Biya in the following words: “Mr. President, I left France after serving this country for 30 years, married to an African woman, I hoped to have Africa as a second homeland .

I came to train young Cameroonians in the automotive trades with modern equipment, I lost my goods, my savings, my furniture to support my family. I want only one thing that justice is done so I can recover my goods and savings.

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