2018 is fast approaching and visibly the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) militants are mobilizing.

As expected , they will be coming with their usual gifts of rice, salt, books, drinks, etc to give to Cameroonians and in return, they will ask Cameroonians to vote Mr Paul Biya (their natural president) as he is the only person who can govern Cameroon.

These are false prophets coming to manipulate you and destroy your spirit.

They are manipulating your spirit and are trying to stop you from thinking for yourself. They are killing your spirit and your creativity which is dangerous. Your life depends on your creativity and God given talent.

Once you take those material gifts from them, you stop thinking and start looking up to those same individuals to help you.

They become your god and will continue manipulating you with their false hope, false promises as they have during their 34 years in power.

Besides, what they are giving you is not their money. It is what they have stolen from the Cameroonian people.

Their goal is to keep you poor,ensuring that when they come back during the next elections, you will be in an even poorer situation.You will be poverty trap and you won’t refuse their usual gifts of few bags of rice, bags of salt etc.Again they  leave with your mind already  prepared for their next visit to keep them in power.

Reason they are not empowering Cameroonians with  relevant skills  which will ensure that our youths can work, pay their own bills, live their lives in dignity and above all have a future.

What Cameroonians need is  relevant skills and jobs. Every human kind as children of God is blessed with some unique talent. Some of us were born to become medical doctors, engineers, musicians, bankers, accountants, lawyers, businessmen, athletes, etc. Above all, we were all born to fulfil a relevant mission in this earth.

Educating and training yourself with the relevant skills will help move your life forward.

You are definitely are going to receive help from ordinary Cameroonians along the way, but this help will have no strings attached. You will not be tied to any condition that you must vote for Paul Biya.


By Rexon Tapyong

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