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The national Chairman of the Social Democratic Front, SDF party , John Fru Ndi has asked Paul Atanga Nji, Minister in charge of Special Duties at the Presidency, to hand himself over to the Police for making outrageous statements to the effect that there exist no Anglophone problem in the country.
“I feel very sorry for a person like Nji Atanga for the statements he made.When he tells the world that the
gentleman who got so angry and marched down the streets should give himself to the Police, let him give
himself to the Police first. He said Anglophones have no problems, yes he said that because every trip Mr. Biya
makes out of the country he takes him,if he is out for three weeks he will be there sleeping in porch hotels with very good food and all the like. So that’s why he can say that there are no problems because he doesn’t have a problem. His children go to the best schools, he sleeps in best hotels and so how do you think that he can tell you that there is a problem in Bamenda? How often does he come to Bamenda, for how long has he ever stayed in Bamenda.”

Fru Ndi questioned. Paul Atanga had said on gov’t’s run CRTV news cast that Mancho Bibixyknown as Mancho BBC who led the strike in Bamenda Monday, should hand himself to the Police.

Fru Ndi made his remarks shortly after a meeting with Prime Minister Philemon Yang at Ayaba Hotel in Bamenda in which he told the PM that the problems faced by Common Law Lawyers, Teachers and Bamenda residence should not be neglected or given cosmetic solutions.

Also present in the meeting was Fon of Bafut, Fon ABUMBI II, the educationist who said dialogue is imperative said
that there is an Anglophone problem and urged the Prime Minister to look into those problems and propose
workable solutions.“You cannot say that there is no Anglophone problem, they have a problem I am telling you. I am part of the education sector and so I can tell you that there is a problem.” Abumbi II said.
Meanwhile the Bamenda population who got information of PM’s meeting with Lawyers and Teachers stormed Ayaba Hotel with placards carrying several inscriptions amongst which was the call for “Return to Federation”.
However, as the PM promised to continue talks on Monday with leaders of disgruntled groups including the concerned Ministers, there has been general call to lawyers, Teachers and students have been advised to remain and study in their homes for security reasons.

Watch Fru Ndi speak in the video below.

by Nfor Hanson N

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