Atanga Nji

After his annoying utterances over CRTV on the Anglophone problem, Minister of special duty at the Presidency of the Republic, Atanga Nji is now moving to private Anglophone newspapers to buy space or call it bribe publishers to carry beginning Monday November 28th and disseminating those his hate speeches that betrays the Anglophone course. reliable sources confirm.

Citing Ntungwe Ngalame, a well-known English-speaking journalist in Cameroon, Minister Atanga Nji, Ngalame alleges, would be handing about FCFA 150,000 to every single Newspaper publisher in Cameroon in a bid to fight the social media attacks on his recent public statements against the Anglophone problem.

Anglophone publishers are now teaming up against Mr. Atanga and are planning to reject the “paltry sum” as described by Ngalame.

Here is Tapang’s take:

1. Atanga Nji should be investigated by the police because there exist nearly 100 Anglophone papers in Cameroon. And so distributing FCFA 15,000,000 million is very suspicious.

2. It is against the law to offer a bribe in Cameroon or attempt to bribe for any purpose. The police should investigate the claims and nip the action in the bud.

3. Minister Atanga’s alleged action is a flagrant abuse of public office and the use of state funds — citizen’s taxes. WE, collectively, must hold power to account.

4. Minister Atanga should apologize to the nation for denying the Anglophone problem and citing the PM’s position to substantiate his dubious claim. Even the same PM whom Atanga cited, recently admitted that there was an Anglophone problem.

He is a lying Atanga. Name him, shame him and blame him is the best way to END impunity in Cameroon.

By Tapang Ivo

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