The Teachers Trade Union leaders have cancelled their talks in Yaoundé, which were billed for 18th day of this month on grounds that the treatment meted on lawyers, which from every indication was ordered by highly placed government officials, leaves them with a heightened sense of insecurity; after all they are just common teachers as our society prefers to see them, not power- broking members of the judiciary, like the lawyers, whom the petty gov’t law enforcers battered without qualms! If that could be done to lawyers who were protesting peacefully, then worse will certainly befall us – to feed or slake that diabolical taste that appears to be asking for and getting its pounds of flesh and litres if blood almost every other day.


We think that all talks must be in Bamenda and the minister of higher education cannot chair a meeting with issues many of which he deliberately created and whose resolutions he has fudged many times in the past. We think that if there must be a meeting, it will be with our parents, legal counsels, religious leaders, etc.


Also, we think it paramount to assert that there is no particular leader who is focal point, but all six signatories of the PM’s memo/fliers are leaders in equal capacity, this because we must take away any heat that might be in the offing from that one person and diffuse it on all of us and also to forestall any attempts at suborning individuals in order to destroy the anglophone steam.


We hope to stay focused and rational and pray that all comrades should do same.

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