After a respectful atmosphere of deliberations and thoughtful exchanges between leaders of the Civil Society, Youth Leaders, Former Leaders of Higher Education Institutions and Universities, Political Activists and Representatives from the EnglishSpeaking North West and South West Regions of the Cameroons(COFASLACISOR),say it is  necessary and expedient to form a confederation of these vast representations to address the most salient state of affairs and crises in the Cameroons. In an extraordinary session Yesterday of the confederation of COFASLACISOR held under the current mandate with the outcomes hereinafter referred to as a Press Release. .

Press Release:

Aware that the Cameroons is constituted by TWO FORMER TRUST TERRITORIES that inherited different colonial experiences – languages, legal systems, administrative styles, educational systems, geopolitical constituents and cultural identities; Aware that prior to 1961, these two Former United Nations Trust Territories or Political Entities were referred to as La Republique du Cameroun and British Southern Cameroons; Aware that La Republique du Cameroun gained Independence on the 1 st January 1960 while British Southern Cameroons gained hers on 1 st October 1961; Aware of the fact that there is no legal foundation for the alleged union between these Two States of Equal Statuses; Aware of the fact that the entire process in the transition (and metamorphosis in the political life) of these two States, from a Federal Republic of Cameroon (1961) through United Republic of Cameroon (1972) to La Republique du Cameroun (1984) was grossly flawed by illegality and treacherous secrecy; Aware that the political machinery of La Republique Du Cameroun is responsible for the systematic destruction of the unique cultures and institutions of the former British southern Cameroons; Knowing that the pursuit of destructive policies, hostile reforms and disregard of these distinctions by La Republique du Cameroun has simmered existing political tension in all sectors of the Anglophone community; Knowing that these scandalous and despicable attacks on the culture, identity, system and institutions of the minority English-Speaking (Southern) Cameroonians have provoked a proportionate, legal, democratic, justified and appropriate response from the Cameroons Common Law Lawyers and other like-minded sister organizations;

We The leaders of the aforementioned confederation, fulfilling our democratic, civic and natural responsibilities resolve as follows:

  •  That we unanimously support the ongoing strike action by the Cameroons Common Law Lawyers and pledge our unflinching support to any further measures and contemplated actions deemed necessary, lawful, acceptable and reasonable.
  •  We call on La Republique du Cameroun and the political regime in place to desist from any contemptuous and provocative actions that would hamper the bi-jural, bicultural, bilingual systems in the Cameroons.
  •  That we consider the Cameroons as Two States of Equal Status and recognize the legitimate rights of the Cameroons Common Law Lawyers to be referred (to) a distinct status or the right to adopt any name that may confer authority to represent the anglophone community. That we adopt all the demands of the Cameroons Common Law Lawyers as the resolution of this confederation.
  •  That we do not support endless political mandates in a democracy and condemn the award of cheap, overrated and over-billed electronic gadgets to manipulate vulnerable University Students;
  • That all political prisoners in the Cameroons including but not limited to Southern Cameroonian political activists and former state officials of Southern Cameroons origin be released immediately;
  •  That all students leaders in the South West and North West Regions of the Cameroons should prepare their respective institutions to join the strike actions until the demands of the Cameroons Common Law Lawyers are satisfactorily resolved;
  • That we condemn the transfer of political prisoners from the South West and North West to other French-Speaking regions in the Cameroons.
  •  That we call on all political parties, leaders, traditional authorities in North West and South West Regions to support the strike action led by the Cameroons Common Law Lawyers;
  •  That we strongly condemn the state of the Union and call for a return to a Federation of Two States of Equal Status;
  • That we call on the immediate extradition of all judges, magistrates, bailiffs, registrars and other legal officers of La Republique du Cameroun origin back to FrenchSpeaking regions of the Cameroons;


Done this day November 1 st 2016 at Buea, South West Region of the Cameroon










CC: – The President of La Republique du Cameroun.

– The Prime Minister of La Republique Du Cameroun.

– President of Senate. – Speaker of the National Assembly.

– President of the Cameroons Bar Council.

– President and Chapter Heads of the Cameroons Common Law Lawyers

– Diplomatic Communities and Embassies – Political Parties and Traditional Leaders in the Cameroons.

– Religious Authorities in NW and SW Regions

– Cameroon Teachers Trade Union- CATTU – SYNES, PEATTU, TAC, CCTTU

– Parents Teachers Association in NW and SW Regions

– Student Leaders in the Universities of Buea and Bamenda.

– Anglophone Students in the Cameroons

– English Speaking audio-visual and print media

– All Trade Unions in NW and SW Regions


by Edmond Tambe

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