A benefit Cameroonian Family

Arnold Sube, his wife and eight kids have cost taxpayers £238,000 in four years. His move to Milton Keynes, Bucks, caused outrage.

The family’s detached pad has a master bedroom with ensuite, and three further double bedrooms.

There is a dining room, a utility room off the kitchen and an integral garage, plus gardens and a driveway.

It should all be enough to keep any father happy, even one who brazenly claimed to The Sun his family was being “neglected” when their previous four-bedroom home felt too cramped.

Mr Sube and wife Jeanne are on benefits adding up to £44,000 a year and the family has cost taxpayers a total of £238,000 since arriving in Britain in 2012.

Yesterday several neighbours said they thought it “unfair” the family now did not have to pay a penny towards their £1,200 a month rent.

One woman said: “If you have eight kids you should not expect to be bailed out. The father has played the system and won.

“They are extremely fortunate. This is a lovely estate. Parents are desperate to move here.”
The Subes sparked outrage when they claimed their four-bed end-of-terraced benefit house was too small for them.

Another neighbour said: “This is a great place to live. We work hard and pay our bills and they get this for nothing.”

A third added: “Young people are living with their parents until their 30s because they have to save thousands for deposits for much smaller homes.”

The house is in Milton Keynes, Bucks — where the average cost of a family home is £264,393.

Tory councillor Michael Garrett said: “Mr Sube has had a result. He and his family have been moved on to one of the best estates.”

Tory MP David Morris said: “Families up and down Britain could never dream of affording a big house like this. Yet they are having their noses rubbed in that fact by being made to fork out for someone else to live like a king.”

The Sun told in September how the Cameroon-born Subes, both 33, moved to Britain from France.
The NHS is funding a £27,000 psychiatric nursing degree for Mr Sube, who works ten hours a week as a care support worker.

We found one bedroom of their end-of-terrace four-bed in Bletchley, Bucks was being used as a study and saw an X Box, laptops, android phones and a Sky HD box.

Yet Mr Sube, whose family had cost taxpayers £100,000 in the previous year, moaned the house was too small and they barely had enough money to live.

They had turned down homes, including a five-bed, because wanted a six-bed property.

They softened their stance when the council warned they could lose their right to housing by making themselves homeless — but still insisted on a separate dining room.

When asked about her new home, Mrs Sube claimed: “Arnold does not live here.” She refused to pass on contact details, demanding: “How did you get this address?”

Luton Borough Council, responsible for homing the family, said: “The council is focused on its statutory duty. To protect privacy, it is not in a position to provide updates on individual cases.”

Source: hescottishsun.co.uk

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