Freethinker And Social Critic TAPANG Ivo TANKU Points Out Another Revelation.

In a recently published post Tapang Ivo Tanku  wrote;
“Did you know that no currency in the rogue state, Cameroon,has an English inscription? All is in French. That is the peak of marginalisation because it is a legal tender.

I have two options. It is either we dialogue for a 10-state federation on a roundtable and not a rectangular table. Or we seek for independence if dialogue is not granted.Enough of the killings in our English-speaking regions.

We have had enough! Why has there never been a killing in a Yaounde-strike action?All wars in the world have always ended up on the round-table dialogue platform. So why waste innocent aggrieved lives instead of calling for a dialogue immediately?There is much to what angry people can take.

The gangster regime should know that grievances have peaked since 1961 and have never been solved. In every facet, there is inequality and gross marginalisation.

We must ask for dual citizenship too. The diaspora sustains the poor citizens back home who live on a minimum monthly wage of FCFA 36,000 ($70 USD) or even less. Asking for your right is not a crime. It is a right. And asking for dialogue is not a crime either. It is a right.

We must do it peacefully but patience is running out. And the way out is going out.The PM’s alleged visit to the opposition stronghold of Bamenda is only cosmetic. No one must attend. Boycott it.

It is must be a high-level delegation including the UN and President Paul Biya. For God’s sake we are all equal citizens who even pay higher taxes than French-speaking citizens.When you push people to the wall too much they have a limit. And that limit is that wall. It is either you dialogue with them or you face an equal and opposite reaction, going by Isaac Newton’s third law of motion.”He wrote.

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