In his book the Political Regimes of Amadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya, and Christian Tumi, priest.
Cardinal Tumi slaps Biya’s regime with Anglophone Cameroon facts.The Fearless Anglophone Cameroon critic and revered Catholic religious leader, Cardinal Christian Tumi, slaps the gangster regime with a plank when falsely accused of being “tribalistic” by President Biya’s Minister Fame Ndongo. Read Cardinal Tumi’s response:

“Out of 32 government ministers, 14 are from the Center and South provinces; out of 6 university rectors, 3 are from these two provinces; out of 58 senior divisional officers, 24 are from this same region; of 24 army generals, 15 are from there as well; out of 31 ambassadors, 18 are from the Center and South regions; out of 32 secretary generals, 19 come from these same two provinces. It is said that where a non-Beti occupies a key position in the public service, there is always a Beti attached to “control” him.


Besides the above by Cardinal Tumi,’free thinker ‘Tapang Ivo on his Facebook page posted another shocking revelation which  exist in  Anglophone Cameroon;

1. French is the main working language Cameroon’s lone oil producing company, SONARA, located in the heart of the English-speaking region?
2. Oil is sourced from Ndian division but oil depots are located in Yaounde, Douala and Baffoussam.

3. The unit price per liter of oil is more expensive in Limbe than in Douala — the former being in Anglophone Cameroon and the later being in French Cameroon.
4. Oil revenue taxes are not paid in Southwest region, but instead in West, Center and Littoral regions.
5. The entire Southwest region has only two Anglophone District Medical Officers.
6. All the military and police stations in the Southwest and Northwest are headed by Francophones.
7. The university of Buea has are more French lecturers than Anglophones.
8. The University of Bamenda has more are Francophones as Head of Departments than Anglophones.
9. Most francophone administrators in Northwest and Southwest regions have grabbed more lands and lock our chiefs in jails because they tried opposing them?

Is this true or false? It is left to you to do your necessary investigation.”he wrote

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