Whenever there is a serious event back home, some Cameroonians in Cameroon have this tendency to always ask those of us in the Diaspora to come back home and challenge the government from within.

I will like to state that those of us in the Diaspora who are challenging the government are like any other concerned Cameroonian. We are not in competition with any particular individual in Cameroon. We want good governance and accountability in the way our country is managed and we have the right to ask that from our government. Those at home shouldn’t forget that most of our family members still live in Cameroon and we regularly visit the country to see what is going on there. If we genuinely love those back home, we must work to protect them from savages in government who are abusing them. What is wrong is wrong and we have the right to ask questions as concerned citizens.

Besides , most of us do not owe the system anything. Our parents didn’t steal money from the system to educate or send us abroad. They worked very hard. We are not currently being paid by the Cameroons civil service. We are working and contributing towards the development of Cameroon in different forms. It is normal that we ask questions if we think others are stealing state funds that can be used to build roads, hospitals and schools and spending the money carelessly. The onus is for those in government to convince the public that some of the accusations we bring against them via the social media is false.

Also , some individuals at home are being pushed by jealousy to ask us to come back home. One particular individual that I have known from my childhood days in Catholic School Mutengene, who lived in more than five European countries, went to Cameroon and couldn’t come back to Europe, was bold to come to my wall and start asking those in the Diaspora to come back home and fight the system from within – “like him”. What he didn’t tell us was the fact that he didn’t want to live in Cameroon in the first place but found himself living there through a combination of factors beyond his control, just like some of us who are still in the Diaspora.


Finally, those of us in the Diaspora still face enormous challenges tackling this government. It is not like many Cameroonians in the Diaspora are against this government. A vast majority are with the system and wants to eat with the system or protect their parents who are eating with the system. These group of people are fighting us in other ways. Since they can’t come to social media to criticize us because most of what they have to say about us have no basis, they focus on gossips. You just need to go to CPDM meetings in the UK to see how crowded it is.



Sadly, most people who go to CPDM meetings are angry like us with the way the country is being managed and act privately like they are being forced against their will to militate for this party in the diaspora. You just need to hear what these people say about the CPDM system back home in private to understand the mindset of Cameroonians. For some of us, we started fighting the government as teenagers. I was on the field in 1990 and have been on the field since then. That’s a long time and giving my current age, you can imagine the risk I have taken over the years. We will keep challenging anyone who is out to destroy Cameroon as we work to develop the country and nothing is going to stop us.

By Rexon Tapyong

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