img-20161108-wa0010Anglophone lawyers during a protest in Bamenda


Moments after Mr. Otto Akama, Community Manager of ActivSpaces and a leading figure in Silicon Mountain emotional massege suporting the actions of the Common Law Lwayers was published by sister publication BaretaNews,two Anglophones Nkwetatang Sampson Nguekie
of the Magnolian Academy and Prince Ekosso of the National President of United Socialist Democratic party (USDP) ,have added their voices to the strike action of English speaking lawyers of Cameroon after the message of emotional support by the senior figure of the tech community in Cameroon basically known as the Silicon Mountain with headquarters in Buea.(please follow this link to read Mr. Otto Akama’s statement-:…motional-message/)


Nkwetatang Sampson, director(museum) at creative writers,Proprietor of Magnolian Publishers on an online post filtered to wrote ;

Anglophone Cameroonians’ Synergy

All Anglophone Cameroonians wherever they may be, should for no reason whatsoever, succumb to their gross injustice and their overshadowing discrimination, marginalisation, assimilation and subjugation by Francophone Cameroonians occupying 96% of the top-ranking positions in the country ranging from Ministers to Directors, and Heads of Corporations to Chiefs of Services. This is that divine-appointed moment for us to put our previous observations, findings, analyses and hypotheses together into a final conclusion – that for more than half a century, we have been a degraded, dejected and depleted people. That we have been a people with no voice, no rights, no dignity and no future – missing in the abyss of a grinding mill called our country.

If in the midst of these crucial circumstances, a great people with a common cultural and linguistic heritage are thus treated with broad daylight malignance, resentfulness, partiality and bias, if they are thus regarded as third class citizens and not given equal opportunities in all the sectors of the economy, of the judiciary and along the artistic and educational boulevard, then, they are therefore being reminded (either verbally or non-verbally) that they have been at the beck and call of a country to which they don’t belong by right of birth and of inheritance. They are thus being reminded; intrinsically, that they should form their own country because their supposed managers are either incompetent to manage them, or they are tired of mismanaging them.

In what fatigable enterprise does it consist in forming a country? Nothing too demanding to frighten the cavalcade of classically learned Anglophone Cameroonians resident at home and in the diaspora. Just a Constitution which can be written in a fortnight. What else? The land is there in its bounty richness and vastness. The human and natural resources are there like aquatic life in the Atlantic Ocean. Anglophone Cameroonians count among the most renowned and influential African intellectuals of all time. Professor Bernard Nso-Kika Fonlon and Professor Anoma Ngu Victor of blessed memories were scholarly icons of astounding celebrity to reckon with. Someone or some people somewhere putting on pseudo-academic gabardines should not make the regrettable mistake of their lives to treat Anglophone Cameroonians like stark illiterates who don’t know who they are, where they come from, and where they are going. This, above any crime ever committed against humanity, should not touch Anglophone Cameroonians. Worst of all, it should not touch me. Else, I will take it as a personal assault. And deal with it unswervingly, unwaveringly, unamicably, and unpardonably.

For Prince Ekosso of the USDP in Yaoundé, “It was from such running down words of a dreamer that it became history in America that Barack Hussein Obama became the first African American President. When Martin Luther King Jr sounded these words “We shall overcome”, echoing the sounds into their tired, oppressed, and depressed ears of the oppressed people of color in America, they never understood that it was a true message. This time is the time to hold unto faith, we must believe that when we believe, we can make anything to happen. If there is anything which MUST happen in Cameroon at this time, it must be that, the oppressed were finally set free through the proclamation of emmancipation of the Anglophones in Cameroon. This time, we will not accept cowardice, we will not be quiet, and we will win”,he wrote.

By Evangeline Sih

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