Nfor N Susungi

History shows that in many cases, a revolution starts and degenerates into a civil war where many people get killed without the rest of the world knowing what the conflict is all about. In Cameroon the core problem is the political and cultural legitimacy of English langauge usage in English speaking Cameroons

There is nothing wrong with the educational system in English speaking Cameroons. The main problem is that the government in Yaounde flippantly and nonchallantly posts French speaking officials -who speak no English- to English speaking Cameroons and who make no effort to communicate with the population in English.

In the courts, they have resorted to trying English Cameroonians in French or forcing English speaking lawyers to plead their cases in French and to write their summaries in French because the presiding magistrates who are French speaking, cannot speak or write English. This is the core problem that has simply exploded in the face of the government of President Paul Biya who himself speaks no English.

by Nfor N Susungi

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