IkomYannick Njuh

A Cameroonian by name ikomYannick Njuh is reported to have died in Bangkok Thailand after receiving an injection in a hospital in Thailand.

It is alleged that Yannick had complained to his friends that his stomach was paining a couple of days ago and went to the hospital to receive medical attention on Saturday . He was then injected with a medication by a doctor to overcome the stomach pain and he went home and decided to sleep in his apartment in Nawamin 38 Bangkok.

After 3 days (Saturday, Sunday and Monday the 10th of January, 2017) his friends call his phone to no avail and later decided to visit Yannick just to discovered him dead.

The news has shocked the Cameroonian community in THAILAND who have gathered as one to  mourn the death of ikomYannick Njuh.








Yannick  grew up in limbe and the only child to his parents and has been residing in Bangkok for 3 years now.

Information gathered here and there by Alafnet.com say all attempts by Yannick’s family  to  beg him to visit cameroon last December failed.

By Hillman Muntang .




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