After February 14,telecoms operators holding “temporary permits” may not be able to operate in Cameroon

Minette Libom Li Likeng,

Through an official communiqué published at the end of last week, the Cameroonian Minister of Posts and Telecoms (Minpostel), Minette Libom Li Likeng, ordered telecoms operators holding “temporary permits” issued by the Telecoms Regulatory Agency (ART), to submit “copies and applications” to her ministerial services latest by 14 February 2017, “latest deadline”, for the issuance of final permits.

According to sources close to the case, after the 14 February 2014, the head of the ministry in charge of Posts and Telecommunications in Cameroon is determined to follow up with the suspension of operators who would not comply with the prescribed process, which is in direct line with the current regulation.

Indeed, in a media appearance on 21 October 2016, the Minister of Posts and Telecoms had already denounced the issuance of“temporary permits” by the Regulatory Agency, instead of the ministry. “I would like to remind you that, in compliance with Articles 35 and 42 in the 14 July 2012 decree, setting the terms of establishment and/or operation of networks and the provision of electronic communications services in the approval system, the issuance of permits or any other equivalent title, is under the sole competence of the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications”, indicated Minette Libom Li Likeng.

We however learned from authorised sources that, since 2010, “the Regulatory Agency has stopped submitting permit applications to the Minister in charge of Telecommunications for signature”; settling for issuing “temporary permits” which, according to the management of Minpostel, create unfair competition for operators holding concessions.

Source:Business in Cameroon

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