Ambazonia Governing Council & Anglophone Consortium meet in conclave in Belgium.

Following consistent calls from Southern Cameroonians for synergy in actions, consultations and avenues of communications between the various groups and especially between the Ambazonia Governing Council(AGC) and the Consortium, a successful conclave between the AGC and the Consortium took place yesterday Saturday January 28th of January 2017 , in Belgium.

A delegation of the AGC lead by its leader Dr. CHO AYABA, the Secretary of state, the Deputy Defense Chief and some strategic advisers consulter with one of the acting Consortium Leaders Mr. Mark Bareta on a wide range of issues including current state of detained leaders of the Consortium and other Ambazonians on the on-going Ghost Town, long-term strategy of the Consortium, areas of convergence and mutual interest, general state of insecurity in our land and the way forward.
Watch the accompanying video for the Leaders Statement.

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