An Open Letter to All Parliamentarians of British Southern Cameroons

Map of British Southern Cameroons


More than fifty years on, the state of emergency in, and the militarization of, Southern Cameroons by the colonial occupier and plunderer are still firmly in place. The colonial occupier has more of her soldiers camped in the territory of Southern Cameroons than in the territory of la Republique du Cameroun. Note the following:
1) In October 1954 Southern Cameroons was an Autonomous territory within Nigeria administered by Britain.
2) Southern Cameroons Plebiscite (illegal in nature) took place on 11thFebruary 1961
3) While on 19th April 1961 the UN voted for the Independence of British Southern Cameroons.
4) By 26th September 1961 the UK and the UN stood by while Ahidjo’s gendarmes invaded the Southern Cameroons Republic.
5) On 1st October 1961 – Southern Cameroons Republic was incorporated into la Republique du Cameroun –that acquired her independence on 1st January 1960. Why?
6) In 2006, Kofi Annan former UN Secretary General, had Mr. Biya signed to respect the International Boundaries of his country (la Republique du Cameroun) as at independence.
7) It should be noted that the current map of la Republique du Cameroun at the UN does not include the British Southern Cameroons territory.
8) In 2010, Dr. Ali Triki (president of the 64th general assembly of the UN) presented in Yaoundé, to Mr. Biya, the map of British Southern Cameroon and that of la Republique du Cameroun. What is the significance of this ceremony?

The trend of events on the southern Cameroons territory at this juncture has kept the Yaoundé occupying regime at bay. The effective sit in strike masterminded by Lawyers, Teachers et al has attracted the international community on our side and we must not relent in our quest for a free southern Cameroons.

In moments like the present, a people need a sense of direction divorced from the treacherous and hopeless path that has characterized their lives for more than half a century. That sense of HOPE is NOT in 2018, with the illusionist power in Yaoundé with a regime we Southern Cameroonians have nothing to show for in the past 55 years.
British Southern Cameroons was one of the first African Countries with a democratically elected parliamentary government in 1954, to organize a free and fair democratic and peaceful election in 1959, in which power changed hands between the governing and the opposition parties.

The time to free our country from the colonial regime of la Republique du Cameroun is now. In this light The SCNC under the new and dynamic leadership of a much younger team with Mbua Richard as Chairman and Shey Sembe as Deputy Chairman, is hereby appealing to all SDF and CPDM parliamentarians of British Southern Cameroons territory, to invoke benevolent neutrality and move to Buea during their next parliamentary session that opens in 2017. If and when this happens, that will be the end of our illegitimate marriage with la republique du Cameroun and the beginning of the process of restoring our independence.
Fellow brothers and sisters, the leadership of the SCNC also appeals to all southern Cameroons liberation movements, the lawyers, teachers, civil society, pressure groups, other trade unions, etc that they come together and form an interim government of British Southern Cameroons to complete our restoration. It is only when there is a body speaking on behalf of the Southern Cameroonian people, represented by this ENLARGED LEGITIMATE group that the group can now call on the United Nations Organization to restore the independence and sovereignty of British Southern Cameroons that was hijacked by la Republique du Cameroun.



Any person or group that rejects this appeal shall be considered an enemy of the State of British Southern Cameroons.
Done in Bamenda this day: Thursday, 15th of December, 2016
Contact Persons:
-Mbua Richard: 674212280 or 679340042
-Shey Sembe 674825562 or 66296585
-Ntumngia Timothy (Spiritual Adviser): 660801199

_______mbua richard______
(Chairman SCNC)




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