ANGLOPHONE CONSORTIUM DIALOGUE WITH CAMEROON BISHOPS COLLAPSES IN MAMFE is getting reports from Mamfe that dialogue between the Anglophone consortium and the Roman Catholic Bishops in Cameroon has collapsed after Francophone bishops present at the Bishops conference were desperately pushing for schools to resume immediately. The bishops from French Cameroon aimed just to see that the strike is suspended.

While we wait for full details on the meetings,it is vital to note that the consortium drove in from Bamenda this morning  where the had another meeting yesterday with Mr Biya’s special envoy Former minister  Garga Harman Hadji.Consortium is in Mamfe at the  invitation of the Bishops.

Garga Haman before meeting with the Consortium had bragged he would bring solutions to the current crisis. But after the meeting ,Wilfred Tassang said “Haman came to play around”.








Another  ad hoc committee meeting has been announced by government again in Bamenda with Paul Ghogomo as head. It is expected that the meeting which is seen by many as delay tactics  by the government of the republic of Cameroun will fail as Anglophones now maintain that all the arrested youths  must be released as a way forward.

Source say should all these meetings keep failing,the consortium could suspend all dialogue till the All Anglophone Dialogue Forum holds where a position statement for the formal request of UN intervention should be laid.

By Hillman Muntang .




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