Anglophone Consortium Disowns Cameroun Governemnt Manipulation

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
It has been brought to our knowledge that the government has sent out a dubious message purportedly from us, claiming the strike has been suspended for basic education and ghost towns has been lifted so that they could regroup and re-strategize.
That information is false, fake and unacceptable. It desperately seeks to impersonate the new leaders of the Consortium.
Be informed that at NO TIME shall we call off the strike by SMS. It shall only be done by all Consortium leaders at a press conference when they take back the power.
Thus, there shall continuously be no schools. Our children cannot study under a heavily militarized condition. They must not study in fear, pain, threats and intimidation by the brutal and inhumane Cameroun soldiers.
Consequently, the ghost towns are maintained and must be very effective. Stay at home and be very peaceful. Do not destroy public or private properties.
Be very vigilant at all times with government manipulation. Anything read on CRTV that leaders have suspended strikes or ghost towns should be immediately rubbished and ignored.
Meantime, the citizens living abroad to call back their families and friends home and inform them of our key messages.
Mark Bara and Tapang Ivo Tanku

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