Another Cameroon Justice, Sokem Ngale Mborh, arrested by soldiers of Paul Biya’s regime .


Earlier this week, soldiers raided the elite’s West Cameroon home at night and whisked him to the Cameroun capital city of Yaounde after lying to him that the DO of Buea wanted to speak with him.

Justice Soken has been falsely accused Thursday of eight terrorism counts including seccesion and failure to delete criminal messages of the winning struggle.

It is likely that both Justice Ayah and Justice Sokem could face a life jail term in Kondengui, a maximum security prison with shambolic living conditions.

Observers argue that Biya, 83, has jailed and arrested more pro-democracy advocates in West Cameroon than Boko Haram militants.

He has never issued an international arrest warrant for Boko Haram leader Shekau. But it is inkling that Biya could vaguely issue arrest warrants for interim consortium leaders living abroad as well as a host of other citizens fighting for democracy.

Biya is facing a life-threatening disease and could possibly face a heart attack following rumors that his only daughter Brenda Biya could be kidnapped in retaliation to his atrocities against families back home.

Thousands of citizens in Europe would be storming a German-based hospital where he was flown in a few hours ago under critical conditions, our sources confirm.

Over the past few months, several serial killings have taken place in West Cameroon perpetrated by the 34-year regime soldiers. Children as young as seven have also been kidnapped, raped, killed and jailed. Women and girls are the most vulnerable.

In 2008, Biya erased a constitutional term limit and declared himself President for life. Nearly 80 percent of citizens lack jobs and are underemployed, citing government figures. Only four percent of citizens are above 55 years.

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