Another Reason for Anglophones to Say bye bye to La Republique du Cameroun

Reading through certain scholarly documents of the IMF, World Bank and some other well renown US Research Analytical findings, I was forced to notice a few statistics that would make even the most erudite “Anglophone CPDM” apparatchik rethink his allegiance to that Party in opposition to the aspirations of the good people of Southern Cameroons.

There are 120 Public Sector Entities and Enterprises in Cameroon. I will spare you the “Anglophone hierarchical top echelon composition/appointments or lack there-of” details in this mail as others can tackle more effectively that aspect of it. These State Owned Enterprises (also known as (SOEs) are subdivided into Wholly Owned Public Corporations and Semi-Public Parastatal Corporations.

In their administrative “Official” books, all of them act with Joint Public/Private Partnership and Ownership. Cameroon. Government by statutes, own majority (if not ALL) Equity Stake in all these companies. The 10 most prominent of these Corporations center around strategic sectors: Energy, Telecommunications, Agriculture, Transportation and Health Care.





Other than CDC, “Anglophones” in these entities have either been forgotten as citizens or have been relegated to the “House-Boy/girl” status that most Francophones have (usually in their minds) classified their “Paysans” couterparts. If you doubt what I am saying; google SNI (Societe Nationale d’Investissement) which controls the bulk of all “Companies” in Cameroon and tell me how many “Anglophones” you find working there (even as “plantons or security guards”); talk less of SW based conglomerates like SONARA, SCDP and even the Ports Authority. All na daso French.

For the sake of time and space (this is not an academic document where you would be expecting the traditional flow with Introduction, synthesis and all other yeye jargon to confuse peepoo)…I will limit this “analysis” using mboko style and langua to the six most prominent Cameroon Corporations. Why should I write following the diktats of academcians? Na dem send me for study 4 University of Nkwen Motor Park? Teep ting them all. Wuna don see wetin? Anyways…Back to the langua:

1) CDC (Cameroon Development Corporation)…an agricultural industrial enterprise which acquires, develops and operates extensive plantations of tropical cash crops. It is the 2nd largest employer after the Government with a workforce of approximately 32,000.

Created by the British Government in Southern Cameroons. It was
originally based in TIKO, its Head quarters has been moved to Douala.

2) SODECOTON: Agri-based located in Garoua. Has a work force of 4593 (heavily French influenced)

3) CAMTEL: Telecommunications giant based in Yaoundé. Completely mismanaged company that has not had a single balance-sheet for more than ten years.

4) SONARA: Oil and Gas Refinery (Exploitation and distribution of petroleum products) Also known as the “Bread Basket” of Cameroon. Most of government revenue is derived from sales of its crude oil and other refinery products. Employs approximately 2490 (directly or indirectly through contracts. Originally head-quartered in Limbe, but for reasons only known to the authorities in Cameroon, the head office has been moved to Douala, where taxes are paid.

5) PAMOL: Another “Anglophone” Agro-Industrial giant. Initially, it was under CDC management but again the Government decided to transfer it under separate management with another Agri business entity, SOCAPALM & DELMONTE. PAMOL was initially based in Tiko, SW Region, then moved to Lobe, Ndian Division and to its present “Francophone location of (Dizangue???/I am not too sure about this info) in the Littoral Province. Founded by British entity called Unilever, it is presently owned by Cameroon Government 78%, CNPS 18%, SNI 4%, Socapalm 2.7%, Safacam 1.6%. It employs approximately 2344 people (most of them laborers earning less than 50 cents/day.

6) CAMPOST: This Cameroon Postal services Agency has a work force of 1250 and is based in Yaoundé. It is a very incompetent and mismanaged company heavily considered a cash-cow for certain well connected Government fonctionaries.






A cursory and unprofessional look and what you can infer from these statistics is that generally, the bulk of the wealth of Cameroon is generated from Southern Cameroons and specifically from the SW Region.

According to the same IMF document in their yearly Global Competitive Report, Cameroon Government received a VERY POOR Rating amongst even smaller and poorer Sub-Saharan African countries in terms of Management, Quality of Infrastructure, Economic Productivity and Performance. Cameroon’s Road network is so bad that it is being described as belonging to the medieval age; Air Transportation is a complete nightmare, Electricity delivery is very poor. Most of the 120 Para-Public Corporations realized a cumulative loss in 2015 while the State’s net Fiscal Transfers declined almost 32% in 2014. Subsidies on the contrary rose significantly.

A lack of “Time-Sensitive-Data” prevents even the most astute International Accountants or Financial Controllers to have a sound understanding of the Accounting Practices in Cameroon bureaucracies. It is so cumbersome and shrouded in unnecessary secrecy. There are no “PSOs” or Public Service Obligations in Francophone governance. This prevents any assessments of the evolution of contingent liabilities.





Which brings me back to the rhetorical question at the top.

Why would any sane individual (Southern Cameroonian) who wants to bequeath something or anything positive to their progeny accept a status quo of open Theft, Graft, Incompetence, Lack of Accountability, Jungle Governance or Government by Anyhow, For Anyhow, By Man Know Man, Chop broke Pot, Le Cameroun c’est le Cameroun…that the present Yaoundé Francophone authorities are unleashing to their poor desperate “uninformed” citizens.

Why would anyone with any modicum of dignity left in them, see all these blatant short-comings and still subscribe to a status-quo of “Wetin Man Go Do?”. The Francophone UNC/CPDM leadership of Cameroon for the past almost 60 years has been a complete catastrophic failure, navigating the entire Anglophone and Francophone citizens of both entities in a very wrong direction and methinks it is time to say:

ENOUGH of this Foolishness. YES!! We Southern Cameroonians came voluntarily and joined them (Francophones) BUT they have shown that they are totally incapable ad bereft of basic ideas of proper governance….and that to me is ENOUGH REASON TO BROKE THE MARRET once and for all and make any man go yi separate ways.

By Mbang Mfor Mishe Fon

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