Appeal to the UN Security Council for Total Separation of Southern Cameroons

In a letter by Nfor Susungi addressed to the UN Secretary General dated 31/01/2017 and delivered by DHL,the renowned economist turned politician detailed many facts about independent people of former British Cameroon to the UN .
Talking about Total Separation Dr. Nfor Susungi Nwayuke was firm.He said,
” France and the United Kingdom should co-sponsor a resolution on separation: The people of the former British Southern Cameroons want to inform the United Nations that the reunification between the Southern Cameroons and the French Republic of Cameroun which was envisaged under UN General Assembly Resolution 1608 (XV) of April 21 1961 and which came into effect on 1st October 1961 has failed.

One of the main reasons for this failure is the fact that this union was not backed by any formal union treaty which would have required that the instruments of ratification of such a treaty should be sent to the UN Secretariat in accordance with article 102 of the UN Charter. The implication is that the 55 year long reunification between the two former UN Trust territories was merely an informal cohabitation which lacked legal validity under international law.

Given the fact that the current Anglophone Crisis is the direct consequence of the difficult and impossible cohabitation of French and British political cultures within an informal union, France and the United Kingdom should settle the problem by co-sponsoring a UN Security Council resolution paving the way for the two former UN Trust territories to peacefully become two separate independent states, subject to negotiations to take place, under the auspices of the UN, for an equitable sharing of assets and liabilities.”

In the conclusion of the letter which was confirmed recieved by DHL tracking, Dr. Susungi said the only permanent solution to the Anglophone problem in Cameroon particularly in respect to the protection of their educational system and the integrity of their judicial system is total separation from French Cameroun in like manner to the separation that took place between Czechs and the Slovaks in Czechoslovakia in January 1993. ”
He added that”There is a fundamental incompatibility between the French and the British way of thinking which has made it impossible for a highly educated Anglophone minority of 25-30 percent to find a proper place for itself in a country which is dominated by the Francophones”, Nfor Susungi wrote.

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