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“The Problem with the Cameroons”

The arrest of the leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium and the shutting down of internet services in West Cameroon by the Biya Francophone regime has served as a major boost to Southern Cameroonians advocating for an independent West Cameroon state. Cameroon Read on » » »

Cameroun:Les solutions du Dr Adamou Ndam Njoya à la crise anglophone

Le leader de l’Udc, l’un des redoutables opposants au régime d’Etoudi, très connu du paysage camerounais, a activement pris part aux côtés de l’Union des Populations du Cameroun, pour la commémoration Dimanche dernier, du 46e anniversaire de la mort du nationaliste Ernest Ouandie, fusillé Read on » » »

Cameroun:Paul Biya doit descendre de son piédestal – Député SDF

Au lendemain des arrestations des principaux leaders des organisations anglophones qui se sont érigées en interlocuteur du Gouvernement dans la Crise anglophone, le Député du Social Democratic Front indique que les agissements du régime de Yaoundé «trahissent la mauvaise foi et l’inaptitude au dialogue Read on » » »

West African Troops Enter Gambia To Remove Yahya Jammeh

  Yahya Jammeh must obey the will of the people and leave office.  West African troops have crossed the border into the Gambia as part of regional efforts to support the new democratically-elected president in a showdown with his predecessor, Yahya Jammeh. “We have Read on » » »

Cameroon:How Ahidjo and Biya’s Transfer of Power Turned Sour By Francis K. Wache

Biya is a weak man, a double dealer with a phobia for coups d’etat”.  Ahmadou Ahidjo – RFI, August 23, 1983. Biya’s first government caused no stir. To all intents and purposes, [it] was Ahidjo’s Bello Bouba Maigari, a young, soft-spoken, affable Northerner was Read on » » »

Cameroon close to Guerrila warfare if crisis talks don’t happen

The Cameroonian government has banned two Anglophone organisations amid ongoing tensions in its English-speaking areas. Now a security analyst has warned IBTimes UK that this action could send the English-speaking regions into a cycle of guerilla attacks by protesters against security forces. In a Read on » » »

Hundreds Of Ancient Egyptian Coffins To Be “Restored”

  Foreigners have a history of lightening the skin coulour depicted on ancient Egyptian artifacts.  Egypt will restore hundreds of coffins dating back thousands of years to the time of the pharaohs as part of an American-Egyptian project to preserve and document one of Read on » » »

ANC Youth Leader Wants A Second Revolution In South Africa

  ANC Youth League President Collen Maine. The African National Congress (ANC) needs a bold leader to launch a “second revolution” redistributing wealth to the Black majority, said the head of the party’s youth wing, which helped propel President Jacob Zuma to power. Zuma Read on » » »

Dangote And Sinotruck Set Up Truck Assembly Plant In Nigeria

  Aliko Dangote. Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote has partnered with China’s heavy duty truck group Sinotruck to set up a $100 million plant to assemble trucks and cars in Nigeria for local use and export, the executive director of Dangote group said. The Read on » » »

Cameroon bans Anglophone opposition groups; leaders arrested

In Cameroon, two leaders of a top Anglophone community organizing group were arrested Tuesday as the news of their detention sparked a new round of protests in Buea. The move came on the second day of this week’s general “ghost town” strike to call Read on » » »

Scientists Looked At The DNA Of These Pacific Islanders, And Were Stunned At What They Found

The Melanesian people probably never thought they’d be so crucial to our understanding of humanity’s origins. But when a group of scientists decided to look closer into the DNA of the remote Pacific islanders, they made a startling discovery. And it’s one that could Read on » » »

Cameroon-Anglophone crisis: Ghogomo Surrenders, Dissolves Adhoc Committee & Say My Part Is Over. .

The chairman of the ad hoc interministerial committee created to propose and bring solution Prof Paul Ghogomo has just wash his hands clean like the biblical Pontius Pilate. The director of cabinet at the prime minister’s office who during delibrations in Bamenda spoke in Read on » » »

Military Invasion Imminent As West African Leaders Prepare To Remove Yahya Jammeh?

  President Jammeh must do the right thing by allowing the elected president to take office. The refusal of out going President Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia to agree to step down honourably on January 19, 2017 following his loss of the December 1, Read on » » »

A Last Gift To White Supremacy: Obama Extends Sanctions On President Mugabe

  Obama has proven to be an ignorant tool when it comes to African affairs. As a parting gift to white supremacy, outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama put beyond any doubt his abhorrence for President Robert Mugabe’s government last Friday when his outgoing administration Read on » » »

Asians In Kenya Want Recognition As The Country’s 44th Tribe

  Africans are treated horribly in India.  Asians in Kenya have asked the government to recognize them as the country’s 44th ethnic community. The group said President Uhuru Kenyatta should do what he did to the Makonde in Kwale after they were recognized as Read on » » »

CAMEROON: Chinese company (CPP) to start pipeline construction from Limbe to Douala in January 2017

Photo credit journalduCameroon Chinese Petroleum company  (CPP) is to start pipeline construction from Limbe (Victoria) to Douala this January 2017, a distance of 110km according to a report by Journal Du Cameroun Posted on 30/12/2015. A Construction contract for the said job was signed Read on » » »

Cameroon -Anglophone Problem: The Phenomenon Called “Wirbalization”

Politics like journalism is a gung ho business, but it’s not a zero-sum game. This is so because both campaign for scoops, access, and sources, but are, effectively, not on the same side. That is why Expressionists have likened Hon. Joseph Wiba, the MP Read on » » »

Cameroun – Russia: Ready to Foster Cooperation

Relations between Cameroon and Russia will witness a boost in 2017. The cooperation ties between both countries were reviewed on Thursday 12 January 2017, at the Unity Palace, in an audience granted by the President of the Republic H.E. Paul BIYA to the Russian Read on » » »


Hon. Wirba wrote; “THE COLONIAL DOs for BUI V/S HONORABLE WIRBA The Colonial DO for Kumbo Central, Mr Kamto Francis called me a while ago and said the SDO had instructed him that our meeting to restitute parliamentary proceedings to the people of Bui Read on » » »

Ethiopia Set To Launch Satellite Into Space

  Many African countries have space programs. Ethiopia says it will launch a civilian satellite into orbit in three to five years to better predict weather conditions and for remote sensing activities inside the country. Ethiopia is among a number of African countries with Read on » » »